Tai Chi Practitioner and Lymphatic System Specialist Finds this Infrared Sauna to be a Valuable Tool

Tashi Lam, a Tai Chi practitioner and a specialist on the lymphatic system, has been using the Relax Sauna and Sky Eye Medical Grade Lamps for 10 years. He likes how it has high tech where it is needed but it is also simple where complexity is not needed. This makes it easy to maintain and clean. It also makes it very durable.

He likes that it improved him and his wife’s quality of sleep and circulation. They like to bring it with them to warm up after hiking, and also, to warm up before bed. Her hands get swollen and tight and she uses the sauna to open up her circulation. She also uses it to improve lymphatic circulation.


Phillip - Tell us your name.

Tashi - My name is Tashi Lam.

Phillip - And you've been using the Relax Sauna and the Relax Sauna Sky Eye Medical Lamp for how long now?

Tashi - Maybe 10 years.

Phillip - Very nice and you like it.

Tashi - Oh my God. it's the best out there. I like it in the high-tech way it needs to be in the chambers. And then, low-tech where it's easy to maintain, because see right here, because it's low tech. And you can turn it off if it's too hot. And you can turn it on when you want it hotter. And there's no touch screen where it will wear out on you. And a touch screen, you know, when you press it, it gets stained or whatever within a few years and then it's not the same. So, this is really nice to have and it lasts a lot longer than touch screens. And, of course, it has the high-tech in the silver lining that is in here which, to me, it's like a self-cleaning oven. So, I like the high-tech where it is. And I like the low-tech where it is, so I don't have to about breaking the screen or if you keep pressing in the same area overtime to activate it, the fingerprint stays there over time and it's not easy to get rid of it. I don't like that.

I like it like that (pointing to the control switch). I think it's amazing for what it does. 

Phillip - So, what inspired you to buy the Relax Sauna? At first, I think a friend of a friend…

Tashi - No, my wife, Laura, she went to do a colonic. And, this was part of her colonic treatment. And it's a one-two-punch with the colonics and she loved it. And then, being Chinese or Asian, I don't like to pay retail, so I had to find you direct. That was about 10 years ago, when the price was a lot better back then. I’m glad I got one then. I did get a newer one and I sold the one I had to my client.

Phillip - Yes. Now, what has the sauna done for you and your wife personally that made you say, “Wow. This Relax Sauna is special and unique?”

Tashi - My wife, personally, well, besides improving the quality of her sleep and microcirculation, we took it up to the cabin up north, when we go in the winter. When it's really cold, we do night hiking and then when we come back from it, we love to sit in here to warm up. We love to use it 5, 10 minutes before bed to improve the circulation in our feet. So, it's like putting your foot in hot water right before bed. And they make you sleep better because of increased circulation. 

We use it with essential oils on our chests when we have a cold. We use it in so many different ways. My wife, she's a massage therapist. Her hands get swollen and tight, and we use it to open up the circulation there for her. And then, we use it in so many other ways, too. I mean, you know, we see people, we touch people and sometimes you pick up bubblegum stuff from them. Or so, they follow you home. We use it to help clean up their energy as well as any negative energy around us.

Phillip - Yes.

Tashi - Yeah. Because it’s the Chi, this doesn't just increase circulation. It increases circulation,  but it also has negative ions, which will recharge and rejuvenate. And, you have Chi transmission in here, which will make you feel more alive, especially in the morning when you first wake up. And if you live in a cold area, it will come in handy because this will wake you up.

Phillip - So, you use it regularly. Correct?

Tashi - I use it pretty regularly. Yes. Sometimes I get forgetful but not too long. And another beautiful thing about this one is my wife wants to, Laura, to use it for lymphatic drainage.

Phillip - Yes. Yes.

Tashi - And, to use 10 minutes of this, and then she goes and she puts it close to the shower. And then, a one-minute cool shower, to wash off the sweat and then she comes back in here. Do another 10 minutes. And then, she does it three or four times. And then, she never has a cold. It's great to sweat out, like if you're in a flu season. If you don't feel like getting a flu shot, you should be doing this, 10 minutes of this, one minutes of cool shower, 10 minutes of this and, trust me, you won't get a cold. It will remove the virus from penetrating deep into your cellular level.

Phillip - You're an energy consultant or an energy…

Tashi - I’m a Tai chi, Qigong practitioner, cultivator. I do energy and bodywork. And so, I have an understanding of things on that level. I am a lymphatic specialist and cranial.

Phillip - What kind of a response have you had from your clients and your wife's clients?

Tashi - They lovd it, especially those who do chemo, autoimmune disorders or circulation disorders. And as a massage therapist, if you use this before you massage your clients, this thing will loosen them up, so you don't have to work so hard to break up the knots. Because it's already, like, melted the ice, the knots.

Phillip - Yes.

Tashi - Then it’s smoother. It's easier. And you don't have to work so hard.

Phillip - Right.

Tashi - It's like preheating the oven.

Phillip - Yes.

Tashi - Right, so that's what it's great for. I can see that it's working because my nose is all running.        

Phillip - Yeah. Any kind of particular incredible response that one or two of your clients have head? What have they said that impressed you that you were grateful that you could have assisted them?

Tashi - Yeah, definitely with microcirculation and higher energy, higher vibration. This also helps you with seasonal bipolar or any kind of seasonal changes that you might not respond so well to because your immune system is shot. So, this improves their immune system, to prepare them for the seasonal changes, and that's priceless. Anything that can help your immune system and your lymphatic, to us is priceless. And, of course, the microcirculation. Good help is good circulation.

Phillip - You were explaining yesterday, and you seem to have a good knowledge of the dynamics of how this works.

Tashi - Yeah. My teachers, and I'm very blessed to have had good teachers who understand. And she said that, “You need to learn how to do alchemy. You need to learn marriage things. And then, not just food, but every aspect of your life.” So, you don't want to do things that counter your practice. So, if your practice is good health, you should do things in that realm. If you don't do and go against it, then that's too much work. So, keep it simple.

Phillip - Yes. And so, you've experienced a lot of benefits.

Tashi - Oh yes. We use it. You know, people cross train, with cross therapy, in a holistic way since this is a very, very important piece of anybody’s holistic therapy session and how to integrate it.

Phillip - Great. If they wants to learn more about the Relax Sauna they can go to the Relaxsaunas.com .

Tashi - They should. There's a lot of information there. Yeah. It's great for Lyme disease. It's great for so many things and they have a list of things in there that you will see the need for. You will say, “Oh yeah that would come in handy for many to know more information on that.” Just go to that particular…

Phillip - Why does that help athletic performance?

Tashi - It removes lactic acid, which is inside you, when you a hard workout. And I recommend that you should do, like, drink electrolytes. That way you can dehydrate which flushes all the acid out of your system. And if you don't, you can also put apple cider vinegar, or you could do half white vinegar and half water. I prefer structured water if you can do. And then, you wipe yourself first. And, it might not smell good, but and you go in here and you do that, you will sweat all that out real quick. And, you alkalize your body faster, just as fast as drinking hydrogen water, I think.

Phillip - Good. Well, thanks a lot, Tashi. And, it's good to see you again. I mean we’ve known each other about 10 years.

Tashi - Totally. Yeah, it was the best phone call I made. I hope you all see how you can apply it in your life. if you have a practice, how integrate this unit into it. And being Asian, come on, it's a tax write off. I've done some accounting about that. Alright, so don't let accounting get in the way.

Phillip - Alright. And what about the Relax Sauna compared to the other saunas that you've seen or experienced?

Tashi - I love that it's portable. I love that it's only the same watts as a hair dryer. I love that I can take it with me to the cabins and it doesn't take too much room in the car, I just love the portability. And if you have guests over for Christmas or holidays or whatever, you can put it away real quick, real easy, and you can have all your space back. You don't have to worry about big heavy glass if you need to move, you know. Those wooden boxes, you have to worry about the glass screen and of course you don't want to get hit. Because if you have the heat, it's not healthy. So there's a lot of benefits. And then, if you want to, you can put essential oil on your chest for sinuses or deeper penetration of the aroma. So, you just go like this. (He ducks his nose down inside the sauna.) Yeah, and it helps. Because I do therapy, I sometimes cover my ears. So, I use the heat to relax my ears. So, that way, I can massage them easier, quicker. You know, heat loosens things up as they say.

Phillip - And it’s heat inside the body, more so than the outside.

Tashi - And also, it penetrates deep. The sauna, if you notice, it penetrates two or three inches inside. And that's how it's able to purify and release more toxins than the other units because of how deeper it penetrates. So, definitely, you want, the deeper penetration. And how quicker, the machine, there's no warmup, instant heat right away. Who has time to wait? I know I don't. I have other things going on in my life.  I need to move. I need to do things. And this makes your life very efficient.

Phillip - If you would describe, in two or three or four words, how you feel after you've been in the Relax Sauna…

Tashi - Rejuvenated. You feel more alert. You feel lighter. It's very important because you might pick up, here there, there here, your clients, from people, and something might follow you home. This will help purify. It's like cleaning with sage also on an energy level.

Phillip - And after you've been in the sauna, how do you feel in the next 2 hours?

Tashi - Oh, you still have the same warmth. It's the same awakened alertness, like drinking a good cup of coffee or tea.

Phillip - Yeah.

Tashi - Yeah. And I love it in the winter. I love it more because when I'm in Phoenix, so if I can, I use the natural sun, but if I don't, I have this.

Phillip - Great, thank you, Tashi. It's wonderful to see you again and thanks for all your wisdom. I appreciate it.

Tashi - Oh, have a good day.

Phillip - Thanks.

Tashi - Take care.

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