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Learn the key selling points

The Relax Sauna is more effective - The Relax Sauna is more effective than other saunas because of its unique far infrared generators which are powerful (1500 watts in the case of the sit up sauna) and “tuned” to emit a specific range of far infrared which the water molecules in the body readily absorb.

This allows the Relax Sauna to create a sweat faster than other saunas, you can get a full sweat in the time many saunas take just to heat up. This cuts the time needed in half, so users are more likely to use the sauna and get the benefits.

Portable - All the parts except for the chair fit into the included carrying bag.

Infrared ray energy resonates with and pulsates the water molecules. This has a dynamic and cascading effect on the whole body. The water absorbs the far infrared, quickly raising core temperature.

Increases core temperature - This creates a natural fever. “Give me a way to create sweat (fever), and I will cure disease.” – Hippocrates

Increases micro-circulation
Mobilizes the lymphatic system
Activates the parasympathetic nervous system
Activates the mitochondria to create ATP and nitric-oxide
thus oxygenating the whole body killing viruses pathogens, spirochetes and bacteria. ​

Health Benefits

Increased circulation - People with circulation issues will experience relief. It gets rid of swelling and thus pain. It gets rid of inflammation

Mobilizing the lymphatic system – helps detox plastics, dioxins, heavy metals and
metabolic waste. Getting out the junk helps with absorbing nutrients.

Activating the parasympathetic system – creates a deep sense of relaxation

Increased oxygen – people report how good and energized they feel because of the increase in nitric-oxide and ATP production from their mitochondria. ATP is the energy molecule used by the muscles and in the metabolism.

Burns calories – increasing circulation and metabolic activity burns calories.

Beautifies the skin – far infrared stimulates elastin and collagen production in the skin

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