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The Relax Sauna is the most advanced of any FIR Light sauna, and generates the purest, cleanest, most intense soothing light of any FIR Sauna that we have encountered. The Sit-Up version of the Relax Sauna uses 1500 watts of energy, and generates a very intense healing light energy. The Lie-down Relax Sauna has one radiator producing 1000 watts of energy.  Both have computer-programmed ceramic semi-conductor chips that filters out all NON-healing energies and a reflecting tent that penetrates deep into human tissues over and over and over again. Unlike a tanning bed, the Relax Sauna will NEVER burn the skin. However, the FIR heat will open the pores in the skin and provoke the body to sweat out waste and toxins.

Benefits of owning the Relax FIR Portable Sauna

  • Discharge toxins from the body  (especially heavy metals)

  • Lose weight and beautify the body

  • Prevent illnesses

  • Prevent Aging

  • Energize the body

  • 100% absorbable FIR Energy

  • Very safe: CE and GS certificates

  • Fast: Sauna heats up in 30 seconds

  • No mess or residual odor from use

  • Portable and convenient to encourage use!


infrared sauna

Relax Saunas Break-Through Semiconductor Technology


infrared sauna

This patented semi-conductor releases 95-99% pure infrared light!


The Only Sauna with the computer-programmed Ceramic Semi-conductor chip that filters out ALL of the Non-Healing light rays, so that you can totally absorbthe healing Far Infrared Rays of 4-14 microns, and not have to resist any other energies.


The Relax Sauna is made with 40 pieces of hi-tech temperature controlled semi-conductors.  The wavelength & temperature are controlled by the program. The wavelength is between 4~14um, which is easily absorbed by our body, penetrating deeply.


infrared radiator

Far Infrared Rays are the healthy rays contained in sunlight that are responsible for photosynthesis which is the process used by plants to produce energy and without which there would be no life on earth.It the penetrating energy that goes thurgh your jacket on a cold winters day that makes very warm even on the coldest of days.

infrared sauna

Far Infrared Energy is the deep penetrating energy that makes turtle eggs hatch. Altho they sit about 6- 10 inches in the dirt, the FIR wave length is able to go through the soil and heat up the eggs so they can incubate and hatch.


How FIR is measured



Wavelengths of light can be measured in millimeters but are usually measured in units called microns just because the measurements involved are so small; for example 0.00076mm.

1 Micron = 0.001mm

So these wavelengths of light are as you guessed very very short.

Near Infrared:      0.76  E1.4 microns
Infrared A (IR- A)  (0.00076mm - 0.0014mm)

Mid Infrared:        1.4  E3 microns      
(IR-B)                  (0.0014mm- 0.003mm)  

Far Infrared:           3  E1000 microns
(IR-C)                  (0.003mm  E1.00mm)  

Near Infrared is the shortest wavelength through to Far Infrared which is the longest ranging from 0.003mm  E1mm.

Note:Different organisations provide variations on the above classification. These divisions are not precise and vary according to the publication you read. We refer here to the system recommended by The International Commission on Illumination (CIE).