Frequently Asked Questions



​Can you ship internationally to my country?

Yes. We will send a model with a compatible electric plug for your country. 

We ship to most countries, with the exceptions of Hong Kong and Singapore. (There are other exclusive sellers in those regions.) Customs and Duty charges: Shipments to addresses outside the continental U.S. may have additional customs and duties charges. Customer is responsible for taxes, customs and duties.


​How long does shipping take?

We ship using FedEx Ground for domestic shipments within the US,

Shipping time is 2-3 business days. For international shipments, shipping time is 2-3 weeks on average.


How does the money back guarantee and warranty work?

All orders come with a 30 day money back 100% satisfaction guarantee.

All Relax Sauna products also include a 1 year warranty. If there are any problems with your sauna within 1 year of purchase we will replace or repair it free of charge.


How do I clean the Sauna?

Maintenance is easy.

  •  Always use a towel to cover any area your body touches to soak up sweat.
  •  Use a slightly damp cloth and mild soap to wipe the interior of the sauna.
  •  The foot pad between the two radiators can be removed and washed if necessary.
  •  You can also let the sauna run for 5 minutes empty to "self-clean".
  •  If dust builds up inside the radiator, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust.


    Does the Relax Sauna have harmful EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies)?

    Relax Sauna is one of the few companies which has done certified, independent testing on their sauna and publicly published the results.

    You can view the report here.

    In the test, the maximum level of EMF recorded was 46.510 mG at 2 centimeters from the heater, which is much closer than your body is during use.

    The American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH®) standards for occupational exposure to EMF is 10,000 mG(milligauss).

    Most saunas use large panels to generate the infrared. These panels have many wires of electric current and surround the body, thus creating a magnetic field around the body.

    Relax Saunas have two far infrared radiators down below the feet. The electric current does not go near the body and thus EMF levels are low near the body and head when using.

    Harmful levels of EMF are generally only seen near power lines and industrial equipment which uses far more power than a home device.

    Want to know more about household item EMF levels?


    Is there outgassing or chemicals in the sauna?

    Relax Saunas are built from quality materials such as inert nylon and silver. The saunas are packed in clear plastic bags for shipping and may have slight "new car" smell when first opened. We suggest running the sauna for 30 minutes when you first set it up. This will disperse any remaining new car smell. After this, there is no off gassing or plastic odor. The materials in the sauna use materials with minimal off-gassing. Far below the levels of government standards and most carpets.

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