Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat

sweating is good for you

Many studies have shown the benefits of sweating

A study in Finland found that people who regularly use saunas live longer and have fewer fatal heart problems.(S)

What is Hyperthermia… ?

Hyperthermia therapy is heat treatment – the carefully controlled use of heat for medical purposes.
In ancient Greece and Rome many physicians shared the opinion that knowledge of how to control human body temperature allowed them to cure all diseases, including cancer, whose pathology was well known and described in those days. For example, the Greek philosopher Parmenides (ca. 540 – ca. 470 B.C.) was deeply convinced of the effectiveness of hyperthermia as evidenced by the words: “Give me the power to produce fever and I will cure all diseases”.

Here is all the research that confirms what the great healers of the past already knew about the benefits of using a Sauna for hyperthermia therapy! You can read this research on the benefits of sweating later if you want to.
Dr. Bill Akpinar, (author of “NO Sweat, KNOW Sweat”) (Medical Doctor, Holistic DDS, Oriental Medical Doctor, and Chi Gong master) highly recommends the Relax Sauna as the most effective Far-infrared Sauna to many of his patients. Thousands of doctors and/or oncologists prefer the Relax Sauna because it sets up in 4 minutes, works & feels wonderful INSTANTLY, takes 20 minutes for a Complete Sweat, and is so effective that many who own $5000 wooden far-infrared saunas buy the Relax Sauna as an upgrade. When Experienced, the Difference is Amazing. We get a call from one of Bill Akpinar every week for his clients wanting a Relax infrared portable sauna.
sweating out toxins using far infrared sauna
A comparison of regular sweat vs sweat after using the Relax far infrared sauna

Many doctors have discovered the benefits of far infrared saunas

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