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Silver Relax Far Infrared Portable Sauna Stowed in Carry Bag with Folding Chair
Silver Relax Far Infrared Portable Sauna Dual Radiators
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Relax Far Infrared Portable Sauna Folding Chair

Relax Far Infrared Silver Sauna

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Description of Relax Far Infrared Silver Sauna

Relax Sauna uses semiconductor chips that filter out all of the non-far Infrared light. Your body can absorb the far infrared light without having to resist any of the non-healing light rays. Relax Sauna's dual 700 watt radiators generate the most beneficial far infrared light available. No other sauna has this patented technology.

All sit-up saunas come with chair and carry bag. Chair is currently rated by the manufacturer for about 220 pounds. Over that, use your own weight-rated metal chair or stool and cover with a towel. (Some owners over 220 pounds up to 345 pounds tell us they use the chair.)

The dimensions of the Silver Relax Sauna is 32" x 32" x 46". The carry bag weighs 18 lbs., chair separate. For airline travel, everything can fit into an oversize hard suitcase.  Or a smaller suitcase, and borrow a metal chair or stool.

Customer Reviews

Based on 368 reviews
Lindsay G

Best purchase! I love it and can't believe how much I sweat in it. I haven't sweat so much in 10 years. I also feel extremely relaxed after using it. One of the best purchases I've made for sure.


I've used my Relax Sauna for about two weeks now'about 4 days per week'' often for 20 minutes or more each time. I've been able to sweat quite profusely--in minutes'' comfortably. I feel great afterwards following a shower with a chlorine filter. I've used the Relax Sauna only at night and think I have more restful sleep. It also seems to help me with reducing my morning anxiety the following mornings. I plan to continue using it to regularly to detoxify from chemicals I've been exposed to in the past and to improve my overall health. I would like to take a moment to thank Phil Wilson. I enjoyed watching and listening to video interviews and presentations you gave about Far Infrared technology posted by Relax Sauna and other YouTube channels. Your explanation of resonate frequency and fourth phase of water is particularly interesting. I especially enjoy watching the testimonial videos; I find them informative and inspirational. Keep up the great work.'

Monica W

My Brother and SIL recommended Relax Sauna to us. We had been wanting to purchase for a year or so and finally pulled the trigger and so happy we did. I am using now almost every other day for about 20 minutes but hope to ramp up to daily soon.It was very easy to install and start to use.I do not really sweat that much but love the therapeutic and health advantages of detoxing in just a short amount of time daily.As the name suggests, also very relaxing and so fast to heat up.So happy for our new sauna!

Cheryl K

'I absolutely love my Sauna!! I am in it every morning for 25 minutes. It has helped me so very much. I have arthrofibrosis in my left knee'' I live in constant chronic pain. The Sauna has helped with my pain and also given me back a ton of range of motion in my left knee that I had lost for years. It''''s a miracle'' I can bend my knee more now and am in less pain. Thank you for this amazing product! It has helped me more in one month then any Dr has in 4 years since my total knee replacement. I look forward to seeing how much more will come the more I use it! Thank you thank you thank you!! I recommend everyone to buy this Sauna'' you won''''t be disappointed! %uD83D%uDE42%uD83E%uDD17""Scott M. check VERIFIED PURCHASE"starsmall starsmall starsmall starsmall starsmall"starsmall starsmall starsmall starsmall starsmall"2020-01-15""Love it. Gets you sweating quick! Quality well built chair and heaters. I have recommended this to many friends and family."

Elena C

I absolutely LOVE my new experience. I feel so relaxed and ready to sleep after my daily hot saunas in the evenings. I always struggled with falling asleep but this thing is a miracle. I would not normally get buzzing thoughts syndrome but profuse sweating and relaxation after doing this sauna really. helps with my sleep.


After years of research, I am so glad I discovered Relax Saunas!! I use it every single day and sometimes twice a day! I was someone who could sit in a dry sauna for 45 minutes plus and still want more! With this sauna I feel so
great within minutes, sweating within 6-7 minutes, and a full body sweat within 11 minutes. I prefer to do 25 min sessions and couldn’t be happier that I don’t have to leave the house or preheat to the greatest benefits a sauna could offer. My only regret is I wish I owned one sooner!

Los Angeles Lady
I have had my sauna for over 6 years!!!!!

I can’t believe I was about to get rid of my old sauna but I am SUPER HAPPY I KEPT IT! It still works like brand new even after 6 years! I live in Los Angeles CA and i constantly eat out and sometimes i cannot work out regularly so i sit in this to do my detox. All I do is enjoy my time and meditate. I do this morning and night so I can feel great throughout my day and also get great sleep. I want to save money to be able to purchase the lamps because I want my cat to get help too as she is 6 years young now. I want her to always be healthy and strong.

Leigh Hazen

I have used a wood infrared sauna over the years, but I liked the idea of having a portable sauna, so I purchased the Relax. I’m disappointed in Relax, as it doesn’t get hot enough to get me sweating as the wood infrared saunas did. I regret my purchase.

Matthew Hazen
Simply Awesome

When dr. Robert O Young told me that Phillip Wilson's infrared unit was by far the 1 I should get I didn't hesitate and I'm so thankful at the level of health I have already experienced from it helping eliminate toxins faster. And I'm the CEO and Founder of MasterPeace by Human Consciousness Support detoxification support product

Bruce Evans
doc sweat much

so far all I can say is that I enjoy using it. Tune in about 6 months from now!

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