Dr. Paul Anderson

Remarks about Relax Saunas

Why Relax Saunas are Different & More Therapeutic Compared to Other Infrared Saunas

Dr. Paul Anderson points out,

"What a lot of people don't know that when we put together our last integrative clinic, and in others I have consulted with since, in the US especially, we have used the Relax Sauna because for the type of sauna, they have double infrared heat (Light) sources which allow you to get the patient hotter than most other types of saunas. We have done this with internal body measurements. ​We have gotten people definitely in the 101.5-101.9 fever range, which is really quite hot for a sauna. (while doing IV Therapy)."

He also tells us, "Relax Saunas work quite well to get into that level of therapeutic Hyperthermia even though it was a sauna treatment." He adds, "There is a lot of different benefits of course with infectious disease whether it is on the detox end, the GI end, or actually stimulating certain parts of the immune system... Please check out Relax Saunas."

​Dr Paul Anderson uses the Relax Sauna and recommends that integrative medical clinics use the Relax Sauna for increasing body temperature. Because of the advanced technology that took 10 years to develop. The Taiwan-made Relax Sauna is unparalleled in its ability to create a fever and be the most therapeutic infrared sauna on the planet.

Thousands of naturopath doctors and holistic health practitioners have great results on their patients for mold detox, Lyme, chronic pain, depression, neuropathy, autism and alzheimers.

Many realize that the Relax Sauna works where other saunas have unfortunately failed, and tell their patients that the Relax Sauna has the greatest value.

It takes 30 seconds to warm up, and can be used for 5-10 minute clothed sessions to reduce or get rid of pain, headaches, etc, or it can be used for a profuse 20 minute naked detox sweat.

See us at booth 35 to experience the loving light of the Relax Sauna. It is the precise wave length that gives you intangibles such as the feeling of being hugged by your loving grandma, mental clarity, joy, profound relaxation, and a feeling of connectedness and being grounded, all which make the Relax sauna stand out as the "superior sauna."

Call or email Phillip Wilson at 626-200-8454, phil@relaxsaunas.com

Relax Sauna

A personal use sauna with a far infrared (FIR) heat source

Relax Saunas deliver a safe, total body sauna experience. They are portable, affordable and more hygienic than a traditional sauna because they're designed to be used by one person. You can use Relax Saunas in your infectious disease clinical practice. Relax Saunas are cost effective and provide positive therapeutic outcomes for a variety of conditions.

Benefits of regular far infrared sauna use include

• Increased Microcirculation
• Improved Vascular Function
• Lower Blood Pressure
• Diverse, Resilient, Stable Microbiome
• an Increase in Nitric Oxide
• ​Activated Mitochondria
• Improved Metabolism
• Heavy Metals Detoxification
• Strengthened Immune System

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