​Marketing Tools: email auto-responders and video websites

email sending

​How to use an email auto-responder

You can use an auto-responder to send a series of emails in order, for example 1 per week. This will ensure regular emails are sent to your list to keep it fresh. 

Click here for instructions on how to setup Aweber autoseries.

 You can use the following code to copy our own sauna email series on Aweber.  6d9a7ca1-897b-4668-9d19-6a3a29d1c3b2

Instructions for how to import into Aweber using the code

Be sure to update the links in each email with your own affiliate links.For ideas to use in your emails you can sign up for our sauna newsletter here or check on our website. There is a blog and also on the home page there is a section which pulls together all of our social media, blog posts and and videos. You can use these for ideas and you are allowed to use any images, text or videos for the promotion of the Relax Sauna. You can also edit them to add your affiliate link.



How to get your affiliate link and check sales

Here is your affiliate dashboard. Here you can view how many clicks and sales you have made. 
Here is a video to show you how to create your affiliate links.


Video sites are a great marketing tool

A video conveys the benefits people can get from the Relax Sauna in a very personal way. It doesn't cost anything to record and upload a video. Some videos sites are Tiktok, Odysee, Rumble and Bitchute. Add your affiliate links to the video descriptions. 
Here are some video ideas:
Compare the Relax Sauna to other saunas you own or have used. The speed that it heats up and how fast you can get a sweat are very important. 
If you have experienced improved health, lost weight, improved skin quality, mental clarity, rejuvenation, share your experience.
If you have a health practice you can get testimonials from your clients who have used the Relax sauna. People empathize with other's first hand experiences.
Bring a few saunas to a health show and record videos of people's reaction to being in the sauna. 

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