Relax Sauna’s Far Infrared Light Technology and how it could change your game

Out of the various portable saunas available in the United States, the Relax Sauna® is the one and only portable sauna equipped with this advanced far infrared light emitting technology. The radiators generate exclusively 95% to 99% full output of far infrared at the 4-14 micron wavelength for optimal physiological recovery benefits. Results can be felt and seen in a 5-to-10-minute session.

Recovery protocols are becoming increasingly important to professional and collegiate Golfers in an effort to reduce fatigue, prevent long-term injuries, and enhance performance. Even more challenging is providing golfers with proper rejuvenation, rest and recovery protocols during seasonal sports traveling. Some of the well-known benefits include.

  1. Providing a personal portable solution to make up for the limited physical therapy and recovery facilities, medical devices at many stadiums tournaments and events.
  2. Immediate reduction in tissue inflammation, swelling and metabolic waste after sporting events/ training sessions
  3. Activating a parasympathetic response for golfers' restful sleep the night before and after a major game or touring event
  4. Preventing the spread of illness and disease between players and trainers.

The Relax Sauna provides healthy, safe and superior solutions to the aforementioned trainer and athletes’ challenges. Most notably, The Relax Sauna is a far infrared sauna and they are well-documented medically for their restorative health benefits. The following foundational elements of The Relax Sauna advance the ability of efficient and rapid recovery for traveling golfers.

  1. Designed for lightweight travel mobility (18 pounds total)
  2. Efficient 5-minute full assembly and disassembly back into The Relax Sauna travel bag
  3. Golfers can quickly warm up from anywhere and recover using the same technology
  4. Generate exclusively at 95% – 99% full output of far-infrared wavelength at 4-14 microns for optimal physiological recovery benefits
  5. Compact – 3ft x 3ft footprint of total space
  6. Connects into 110v (20 amp) outlets – Safe for use in hotel rooms and training centers
  7. Full Sanitation Cycle – The Relax Sauna runs a 5-minute sanitation interval in between sauna sessions. This prevents cross-contamination between multiple golfers
  8. Reliability – The Relax Sauna unit averages 15-20 year full far-infrared output
  9. Exceptional track record among integrative doctors and sports medicine specialists
  10. Golfer's head extends above the sauna tent to prevent overheating and inhaling toxins and metabolic waste excreted in body sweat

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