The History of Saunas

​When people used fires as the primary source of heating, they were using infrared. Fire, like the sun puts off infrared rays. By huddling around the fire people were sharing the warm infrared of the fire and also the hot stones which resonate heat and infrared. As objects absorb heat, they emit infrared. The human body emits infrared around the 9 micron range.​

The use of saunas goes back into prehistory. Heated caves were crucial for survival. Saplings and tree bark used by Native-Americans as sweat lodges. Archaeologists find that in many holy sites there is a fire pit at the center. (1)

Bath Houses and Steam Rooms

Classic Era

Bathhouses which essentially were steam rooms were very common.

The Romans had elaborate bathhouse designs called hypocausts (invented at the end of the 2nd century BC) which had furnace rooms below the bathhouse with chimneys and pipes to circulate heat through the stone floor and pool, and later into the walls as well. They would heat the room until it was around body temperature. The invention of the hypocaust made bathhouses become very popular. Once up to temperature, with infrared heat resonating from the entire room, you can imagine how great it felt. (2)

In Russia

Similarly in Finland and Sweeden

Steam rooms called banyas date back to at least the medieval times and are considered an important part of Russian culture.

A typical banya is a small wooden building with a metal stove which has a compartment for stones and an opening to throw in water onto the hot stones.

Banyas are typically heated to very hot temperatures (up to 9 degrees Celsius (199 °F). Herb extracts and sometimes beer are added to the steam.

Dried branches of birch, oak or eucalyptus (which Finns call a vihta) are hung in the room and used to strike the body. This is thought to relax the muscles, is good for the skin and can relieve pain. This is most likely due to it increasing blood flow to the skin.(3)(5)

During the Industrial Revolution Finnish immigrants spread the popularity of the Finnish Sauna to Europe and the Americas. People instinctively feel the good energy from saunas and fire without knowing they are absorbing infrared rays which resonate with their body and heat the water molecules within them until in 1800.

William Herschel discovered infrared. He was using a prism to split sunlight into different colors and measured the heat energy they produced. He found that temperature increased as he moved the thermometer from the violet range of the spectrum toward the red part of the spectrum.(4)

History of Relax Sauna

Relax Sauna

Is made in Taiwan

The Electrical company that makes the Relax Sauna was commissioned by the Japanese government from 1980 to 1985 to create a device which could emit energy that was similar to the Hot Springs in Southern Japan, where the warriors in ancient days would go after battle to heal. The hot springs had a particular energy that was very healing. The water is heated from far infrared generated by magma deep in the earth.  Taiwan is the world leader in producing semi-conductor chips, and as it turns out, approximately 94% of the world’s semi-conductor chips that are made, are made in Taiwan.

It was quite a challenge, to somehow transform electricity so that the energy generated by the created device would generate this “hot springs” kind of energy.

It took Dr. Chang, and his team of scientists 10 years
to perfect a way to – find a device that would transform electricity into that particular kind of energy that would have the healing effect that the hot springs in Southern Japan had. They found a way to create a semi-conductor chip. The purpose of this semi-conductor chip is to resonate the frequency of far infrared In the wavelength of 4-14 microns to create the "hot springs" energy. They chose this frequency because it is readily absorbed by the water molecules in the body and does not contain the near infrared frequencies which are harsher on the skin.

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