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Hello ICIM members,

Relax Sauna's team has exhibited at many ICIM conferences throughout the years. We are grateful to many of you for your purchase of the Relax Sauna at these conferences. Many of you are also recommending the Relax Sauna to your patients or ordering the Relax Saunas from us to drop-ship to your patients, and have been having very good results.

We decided to advertise in the ICIM newsletter for the next 13 years to continue to educate you on the many benefits of Far Infrared Energy, and to also elaborate on “The Relax Sauna Difference,” and why the Relax Sauna has been proven to be much effective than other saunas.

There has been a great deal of confusion about sauna therapy. We felt the need to provide the educational support to explain to your patients why the Relax Sauna is the leader in far infrared technology and in sauna therapy.

Far infrared Energy essentially does one thing: It resonates with and pulsates the water molecules in the body.

This one thing creates miracles in the healing process.

Hippocrates said, “Find me a way to Create Sweat, and I WILL Cure Disease.”

So many benefits can be derived from using the Relax Sauna regularly, or even occasionally.

In Dr. Bill Akpinar’s sequel to his book: "No Sweat? Know Sweat! The definitive Guide to Reclaim your health,” he points out that the Relax Far Infrared Sauna is the one he recommends to his patients.

Feel free to contact us
if you would like more Relax Sauna literature that you can hand out to your patients on how the Relax Sauna can help your patients “reclaim their health.”

Please also share with us any experiences or positive results you, your staff, or your patients have had using the Relax Sauna. We would like to share so that others will be inspired to use the Relax Sauna to improve the quality of their life.

Phillip A Wilson,
​President – Relax Saunas of Momentum
cell: 626 200 8454 

Relax Sauna is used in Cancer Clinics While doing IV Therapy

A cancer clinic in Washington uses the Relax Sauna while doing IV therapy on many of their patients. They are able to increase the core temperature to 102.7 degrees in 1 hour. Other clinics use the Relax Sauna for 5-7 minutes before doing IV therapy when they have trouble getting the needles into the veins. The Relax Sauna heats up in only 20 seconds making this very practical. No other infrared sauna has this capability.

Relax Sauna is ... Effective, Safe, Durable and Convenient to use!

Using advanced technology, the Relax Sauna's radiators shine 1400 watts of FIR energy against the back wall of the silver tent, which acts as a mirror. At 186,000 miles per second, within 1 second, Relax Sauna's light energy creates a feeling of being immersed in a healing FIR Light box with NO EMF (no electricity) above the calves. The little bit of neutral EMF coming from the radiator (by the feet) is anidoted by the powerful healing effects of the Relax Far Infrared Energy.

We were just told about a report from January 7 on a blog post, where a particular individual compared many portable saunas and found that none of them came even close to the Relax Sauna in dramatically increasing core temperature.From the Reddit page;"Hey, I'm working on a full write up but my initial results are pretty amazing with the Relax. In 30 minutes it got my core temp to 101.1F from 97.9. After a workout it only took 25 minutes...The Relax Sauna is probably the best and only realistic option to do hyperthermic heat stress training at home that can replicate (or actually exceed based on my results) the benefits found in studies due to its cheaper competitors being underpowered."

Click here to read his full review

Raising Core Temperature PDF

Relax Sauna

A personal use sauna with a far infrared (FIR) heat source

Relax Saunas deliver a safe, total body sauna experience.

They are portable, affordable and more hygienic than a traditional sauna because they're designed to be used by one person. You can use Relax Saunas in your infectious disease clinical practice. Relax Saunas are cost effective and provide positive therapeutic outcomes for a variety of conditions.

Benefits of regular far infrared sauna use include

• Increased Microcirculation
• Improved Vascular Function
• Lower Blood Pressure
• Diverse, Resilient, Stable Microbiome
• an Increase in Nitric Oxide
• ​Activated Mitochondria
• Improved Metabolism
• Heavy Metals Detoxification
• Strengthened Immune System

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