Far Infrared saunas are one the best ways to sweat out heavy metals and toxins

It’s no surprise that the Relax Sauna is one of the best ways to rid the body of mold and similar toxins. A regular, regimented schedule of 3-5 sauna sessions per week works well to pull mold toxins out through sweating. Sweating is a key factor in the recovery process from mold toxicity and other immune-related illnesses, and infrared saunas are one of the few treatments that can activate and heat your body’s core temperature (like a fever) to rid itself of toxins that prevent optimal body performance.

Far Infrared sauna therapy is also an effective way to help restore the body’s ecosystem after the traumatic effects of mold toxicity, encouraging cardiovascular health, new oxygenated blood flow to the cells, and reduced inflammation.

Many people who have suffered from mold toxicity and other immune-related conditions. All have shared that they experience immediate reduction in symptoms, including mental clarity and energy boost, after a sauna session.
When people are seriously contaminated with mold and/or mycotoxins, treatment protocols are required to be extensive and comprehensive. For example, in one study, 28 people exposed to mold and mycotoxins, were treated with exercise, physical therapy, and sauna. Treatment also included IV antioxidants, oxygen therapy, and immunotherapy. This approach was highly successful, with 27 of the 28 patients returning to
work.  (1)


(1) - pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/19854821/

Wooden Sauna Owner

Finds that the Relax Sauna Works Better

No mold, EMF

Paula has had a Relax Sauna for 5 years. She had problem working up sweats

She used to have a wooden sauna but it was not giving her a good sweat. After she tried a Relax Sauna and purchased one, she found that she was able to get good sweats.

She had mold issues which had affected her lungs and after detoxing with the help of the Relax Sauna she was able to restore her energy and feel better.

Click below for a comparison of infrared saunas and what makes the Relax Far Infrared sauna different

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Lyme & Mold Toxicity

Helped for the first time

Very soothing, more energy

Man with Lyme, Diabetes and Mold Toxicity

Casey got a Relax sauna about three years ago and says, “I feel 10, a 100 times better. Feeling wise, it's just phenomenal. I had some diabetic retinopathy, which it’s just great for it. The feeling in my hands and feet has just been astronomically better. I feel better overall. I sweat for the first time after I got the sauna. In 10 years I hadn't sweat. It's just fabulous.

He has Lyme disease, diabetes and mold toxicity, “the whole kit and caboodle. I know that heating up the core actually kills off Lyme.” For the diabetic retinopathy, “It helps for that. For that, I just put my head inside.”

Casey confirms that it gave his feeling back, that it makes him feel great. that his vitality is much better and that he is a happy camper. “Still not perfect, but getting there, getting there.” He says that without the sauna, he said, “I would probably be home crying.”

Phil comments that he can't believe how good Casey looks compared to how he looked three years ago.Phil Wilson has been speaking about the healing and spiritualizing benefits of Far-Infrared Energy for 10 years.  Books such as "Detoxify or Die," and "No Sweat, KNOW Sweat!" laud the health benefits of Far-infrared Saunas.

65 years of research show how its specific frequency band of Light (far-infrared) resonates with and vibrates our water cells, increasing micro-circulation and core temperature, activating the
immune system and the metabolic functioning of our bodies, hence detoxifying and purifying body and mind, reducing pain, inflammation, helping Lyme, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, diabetes, arthritis and more.

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Learn about the health benefits of far infrared energy. https://www.relaxsaunas.com/far-infrared

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