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Relax Sauna

A personal use sauna with a far infrared (FIR) heat source

Relax Saunas deliver a safe, total body sauna experience.

They are portable, affordable and more hygienic than a traditional sauna because they're designed to be used by one person. You can use Relax Saunas in your infectious disease clinical practice. Relax Saunas are cost effective and provide positive therapeutic outcomes for a variety of conditions.

Benefits of regular far infrared sauna use include

• Increased Microcirculation
• Improved Vascular Function
• Lower Blood Pressure
• Diverse, Resilient, Stable Microbiome
• an Increase in Nitric Oxide
• ​Activated Mitochondria
• Improved Metabolism
• Heavy Metals Detoxification
• Strengthened Immune System

The Most Effective Infrared Sauna for Raising Core Temperature!

If you have questions and

you wish to speak with Phil Wilson

You may text him.

He is in the Pacific Time zone at 626-200-8454

Benefits of regular Relax Sauna use include

Dr. Paul Anderson uses Relax Sauna

At his intergrative medicine cancer clinics

Relax Saunas work well for therapeutic hyperthermia. Relax Saunas give patients a higher body temperature range of fever, higher than most other Finnish and other infrared Saunas.

As far as we know, the Relax Sauna can increase core temperature more than any other infrared sauna. (3.2 - 4.2 degrees in 25 - 60 minutes) This is the secret to a successful far infrared Sauna treatment.

Hippocrates said: "Find me a way to Create Sweat (or Fever), and I will cure Disease".

When you increase body temperature, then the body produces  "Heat Shock Proteins." (HSP's).

Relax Sauna is ... Effective, Safe, Durable and Convenient to use!

Using advanced technology, the Relax Sauna's radiators shine 1400 watts of FIR energy against the back wall of the silver tent, which acts as a mirror. At 186,000 miles per second, within 1 second, Relax Sauna's light energy creates a feeling of being immersed in a healing FIR Light box with NO EMF (no electricity) above the calves. The little bit of neutral EMF coming from the radiator (by the feet) is anidoted by the powerful healing effects of the Relax Far Infrared Energy.

We were just told about a report from January 7 on a blog post, where a particular individual compared many portable saunas and found that none of them came even close to the Relax Sauna in dramatically increasing core temperature.From the Reddit page;"Hey, I'm working on a full write up but my initial results are pretty amazing with the Relax. In 30 minutes it got my core temp to 101.1F from 97.9. After a workout it only took 25 minutes...The Relax Sauna is probably the best and only realistic option to do hyperthermic heat stress training at home that can replicate (or actually exceed based on my results) the benefits found in studies due to its cheaper competitors being underpowered."

Click here to read his full review

Raising Core Temperature PDF

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