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The Ultimate Solution for Overcoming Golf Injuries

According to Statista, the US has nearly 25.1 million golfers today, with a total number of golf players estimated at 66.6 million around the globe. On average, golf players spend almost 1 hour and 11 minutes practicing with nearly 4.5 hours of play in one week. This makes approximately 300 hours spent on the golf course in just one week.

Given these statistics, it isn’t surprising that the rate of golf injuries is on the rise. Although golf is considered a low-risk sport as it isn’t aggressive like football, it is quite common for players to sustain injuries in the lower back, elbow, wrists, and shoulders. And every year, almost 40,00 golfers seek emergency treatment, mostly after incurring a head injury due to flying club heads or errant golf balls. But the rate of injuries in the lower back is the highest, accounting for almost 34% of all golf-related injuries. In contrast, elbow, shoulder, and wrist injuries account for 27%, 19%, and 10%, respectively.

What’s surprising is that golf has a higher annual injury rate than some other more aggressive sports, including hockey, rugby, cricket, and volleyball.

However, studies have shown that warming up before starting the game can decrease the risk of injury. Ideally, players should warm up 10 minutes before starting the game.

Preventing Golf Injuries with Far Infrared Light

Far infrared offers a way to help loosen up muscles and tissues before and after any workout or golfing event.

This form of light therapy has been used for many years for its therapeutic effects. Today, far infrared is becoming more popular and readily available. Training centers, gyms, and studios are offering this type of service to all those seeking warm-up and recovery or looking to improve their overall health.

Many golfers and trainers know and understand that a warm-up session should consist of more than just a few swings before your game. It should include some dynamic pre-event stretching, lunges, and squats.

The right Idea is to get a dynamic warm-up. The goal of this type of warm-up is to increase heart rate and oxygen-rich blood flow to the muscles and tissues, making them warm and flexible, helping to reduce the risk of injury and increase power and stamina.

Stretching on its own will increase flexibility, but movement and stretching together get the muscles warmed up and blood flow to the area. Far infrared can produce similar results and boost your warm-up routine.

Introducing Relax Far Infrared Light Technology

With respect to the game of golf, a quick warm-up and proper recovery are essential in order to play to the best of your abilities.

Far infrared light therapy has been shown to help with reducing pain and inflammation, sprains, arthritis, joint pain, "golfers' elbow," and more in minutes. It is now possible for everyone to have this type of therapy available to them at all times with Relax far infrared light therapy. Just a 5-to-10-minute session using the Relax far infrared light technology can make all the difference when preparing for a good round of 9 or 18 holes. Furthermore, it is a simple and natural way to increase nitric oxide and oxygen-rich blood to flow into the muscle's ligaments and tendons. It's that easy, and the results are amazing.

Portable and Travel-Friendly Design

Designed with travel in mind

The Relax Far Infrared tent is only 3ft x 3ft in size and weighs a total of 26lbs, including the collapsible chair. You will also receive a travel bag that allows for efficient 5-minute full assembly and disassembly. So, if you are traveling in or out of the country, bringing the Relax Portable Far Infrared Sauna with you will be no trouble.

Simple to set up and take down, this can also be used with your clothes on for 5-to-10 minutes without sweating as a light therapy with the head remaining out. This is the perfect tool for a quick warm-up than can give you additional power in your swing and increase the distance in your drive.

This type of portability allows for a quick session from any given location that offers an electrical outlet. Just plug in and turn the dial control for the desired time, then simply sit back and relax while you rejuvenate, rebuild, and recover in the privacy of your home, training center, hotel, or even an RV. With respect to the game of golf, a quick warm-up or recovery is essential in order to keep in the game and play to the best of your abilities.

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Relax Sauna

Out of the various portable saunas available in the United States

Relax Sauna is the one and only portable sauna equipped with patented advanced far infrared light emitting technology. The radiators generate exclusively 95% to 99% full output of far infrared at the 4-14 micron wavelength for optimal physiological recovery benefits. Results can be felt and seen in a 5-to-10-minute session.

Recovery Protocols

Increasingly important to professional and collegiate golfers

In an effort to reduce fatigue, prevent long-term injuries, and enhance performance. Even more challenging is providing golfers with proper rejuvenation, rest and recovery protocols during seasonal sports traveling. Some of the well-known benefits include.

  • Providing a personal portable solution to make up for the limited physical therapy and recovery facilities, medical devices at many stadiums tournaments and events.

  • Immediate reduction in tissue inflammation, swelling and metabolic waste after sporting events/ training sessions.

  • Activating a parasympathetic response for golfers' restful sleep the night before and after a major game or touring event.

  • Preventing the spread of illness and disease between players and trainers.

The Relax Sauna provides healthy, safe and superior solutions to the aforementioned trainer and athletes’ challenges. Most notably, The Relax Sauna is a far infrared sauna and they are well-documented medically for their restorative health benefits. The following foundational elements of The Relax Sauna advance the ability of efficient and rapid recovery for traveling golfers.

  • Designed for lightweight travel mobility (18 pounds total)

  • Efficient 5-minute full assembly and disassembly back into The Relax Sauna travel bag.

  • Golfers can quickly warm up from anywhere and recover using the same technology

  • Generate exclusively at 95% – 99% full output of far-infrared wavelength at 4-14 microns for optimal physiological recovery benefits

  • Compact – 3ft x 3ft footprint of total space

  • Connects into 110v (20 amp) outlets – Safe for use in hotel rooms and training centers

  • Full Sanitation Cycle – The Relax Sauna runs a 5-minute sanitation interval in between sauna sessions. This prevents cross-contamination between multiple golfers

  • Reliability – The Relax Sauna unit averages 15-20 year full far infrared output

  • Exceptional track record among integrative doctors and sports medicine specialists

  • Golfer's head extends above the sauna tent to prevent overheating and inhaling toxins and metabolic waste excreted in body sweat

Laying the foundation for increased fitness and health

We at Relax Saunas

have developed cutting-edge technologies that simulate the far-infrared rays of the sun to activate the body's natural healing mechanism, building on the traditional practice of employing heat for healing. Athletes and fitness buffs can warm up their bodies before a strenuous training session or game to increase performance and recover more rapidly afterward with our far-infrared (FIR) saunas and lamps. The main goal of RELAX is to provide individuals with better solutions for enhancing their physical and mental well-being and discovering new levels of relaxation.

Health Benefits of Far Infrared for Golfers

Far-infrared light therapy

is frequently used for relaxation due to its many positive health effects. A few benefits include detoxification, improved sleep, decreased oxidative stress, and relief from sore muscles. Additionally, if you're a serious golfer, FIR therapy might significantly enhance your skills. The method progressively raises your core body temperature to generate warmth, which may also have a number of beneficial health impacts. Let's examine a few of the positive effects that FIR light therapy has on health.

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