Infrared Illuminated by Ariel Calista Miller

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Description of Infrared Illuminated by Ariel Calista Miller

Introducing Infrared Illuminated

A user's guide to the science of far infrared energy

Infrared Illuminated: A User's Guide to the Science of Far Infrared Energy by Ariel Calista Miller opens a portal to the exciting frontier of scientific discovery and wellness - far infrared energy. This comprehensive guide offers an illuminating exploration of a groundbreaking technology reshaping our health approach. Authored by Ariel Calista Miller, a visionary at the helm of Quantum Collective and SolRay™ Biophysics, this work aims to demystify the complex science behind far infrared energy and render it accessible to everyone. 


About the Author

Author Ariel Miller

Ariel Miller

Visionary Innovator, Entrepreneur, and Wellness Advocate At the heart of every revolution is a visionary, and in the world of health, wellness, and design, that visionary is Ariel Miller. As CEO of Quantum Collective and SolRay™ Biophysics, Ariel is reshaping the way we view health and wellness, embracing innovation at every turn. In the burgeoning field of far infrared technology, Ariel's work stands out. Her innovative efforts illuminate how cutting-edge techniques in quantum physics can be applied to enhance our nutrition, well-being, and even our sense of style. Her unique creations, from her exquisite far infrared jewelry pieces to her artisanal glass designs, blend beauty, function, and wellness benefits. Ariel's ventures extend beyond the scope of typical entrepreneurship. As a co-owner of the famed Phillips House of Glass, her meticulous craftsmanship is reflected in numerous iconic structures, from Las Vegas' renowned casinos to celebrity homes. Yet, no matter how diverse her pursuits, her commitment to health and wellness remains at the core of her mission.

Below is an excerpt page from the book

Book excerpt from Infrared Illuminated

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