The Relax Sauna is a personal use portable sauna with patented semiconductor far infrared technology

Quality distinguishes it from any other saunas. This portable dry sauna delivers a safe, complete sauna experience from its compact, high-tech design. Using patented and award winning technology, it achieves positive therapeutic outcomes for a variety of conditions, at a fraction of the cost and effort required from other types of treatment. Listen to a video testimonial below from a man who uses the Relax Sauna, and is founder/president of a functional and integrative medicine practice.

Relax Far Infrared Sauna Assembly

The Relax Far Infrared Sauna consists of:

One folding nylon chair

One collapsible sauna tent

Two far infrared emitting radiators, a timer switch, and four support poles (that keep the front of the tent fully billowed)

One carrying bag is included with the Relax Sauna

Relax Sauna easy 5 minute setup

Relax Sauna

Easy 5 minute setup

This represents the Relax Saunas' configuration when it is fully assembled. The Relax Sauna can be easily set up, and broken down, in less than five minutes.

See our easy instructions on How to
Set Up a Portable Sauna

The Relax Sauna Quality Advantage

The Relax Sauna's advantage is its powerful radiators.

The main component in the radiator are ceramic semiconductors that excludes near and middle infrared energy.

Multiple semiconductors in the radiator produce uninterrupted FIR emissions. PTC resistors on the radiator's heater assembly enable electricity to flow continuously while the temperature in the sauna chamber is kept between 140° - 170° degrees Fahrenheit. FIR energy is not visible to the human eye, but it is detectable as heat.

It has been demonstrated in clinical tests that FIR energy rays are highly therapeutic. Human cells absorb far infrared in a range of 8 to 1 microns. Peak absorption occurs at 10 to 11 microns. FIR energy resonates with living biomass, optimizes cellular activity, and restores normal body processes that release toxins, and support normal health.

There are 20 of these semi-conductors in each of the two 750 watt radiators in the Relax portable dry sauna. An electric fan on the back of each radiator cools the heater assemblies, and distributes comfortable heat quickly throughout the sauna's interior. The interior of this portable dry sauna acts as a mirror for far infrared rays. Its silver embedded nylon material prevents heat loss and reflects far infrared light throughout the sauna chamber like a glass mirror would reflect visible light.

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