EMF & Relax Sauna

Is There Danger?

EMF specialist who owns a Relax Sauna

​The way the Relax Far Infrared Sauna is designed there is very little EMF near the body. There is only EMF near the power cords and directly in front of the radiators. Even directly in front of the radiators the levels are lower than those found in a juicer.

​Hundreds of Individuals Who are EMF Sensitive Have Purchased the Relax Sauna

Have had no problems with it andWere thrilled with the results they get from regularly using ourLow EMF portable infrared sauna.

EMF Sensitive Man

Relieves his EMF symptoms
by using Relax Sauna!

Wooden Sauna Owner

Finds that the Relax Sauna works
better. No mold or EMF.

A Radionics specialist discusses EMF

the durability of the Relax Sauna, and the health benefits that come from using it.

Many environmental doctors who deal with people who are EMF sensitive or multi-chemical-sensitive use the Relax Sauna in their homes and clinics as well as sell them to their patients.  One of the leaders in the field of environmental medicine used the Relax Sauna in her hotel room at a conference, and had such incredible results (from the overexposure of airplane fuel) that she and a friend both purchased Relax Saunas from us.

18 years of selling the Relax Sauna to the public has proven over and over again that the Relax Sauna is one of the safest Far Infrared Saunas to use for anyone who is EMF-sensitive. The Relax Sauna company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to anyone who is concerned about whether or not they are too sensitive to the little bit of EMF that is generated by the Relax Sauna Radiators that are near the feet.
The Reason the Relax Sauna generates no EMF anywhere near your vital organs - is that the Relax Sauna tent acts as a mirror to reflect the far infrared light to every part of your body. There are no panels in front of, in back of you, or at the side of you generating EMF. Cats lie in the sun, and not in the shade.  Similarly since Far infrared Energy works by being in front of resonating light, if a part of your body is NOT in front of a panel (or a mirror reflecting far infrared light, as in the case of the Relax Sauna), that part of the body is not absorbing any far infrared light.  So you pretty much have to be in front of panels generating EMF in most other saunas.  In some cases, you sit in front of a window.  When this is the case, that part of your body is getting no benefits from that infrared sauna, because Far infrared Saunas work with Healing Light.  The heat has no beneficial effect in generating far infrared energy. The Relax Sauna uses Energy Medicine. The Relax Sauna is an Energy Machine, not a Sauna.  

By the way ...  A prairie dog is NOT a Dog.  A Sea Lion is not a Lion, and a Seahorse is not a horse. Similarly, if the truth be know, the Relax Far Infrared Sauna is NOT a Sauna. If you check out the definition of a Sauna  (i.e. Webster), you will find out that a Sauna generates heat or steam which creates heat. Our low EMF portable infrared saunas are Energy Medicine machines, and not saunas. 

​Some portable infrared saunas

That would take so long to get a person to sweat

Now come with 0% Far infrared heaters that heat you up, but generate very little, if any, far infrared light. They do not tell you this, though. Again, it is the healing far infrared light that resonates with the cells of your body, pulsating the water molecules, that causes your body to experience increased core temperature, metabolic increase, increased micro-circulation, and a mobilized lymphatic system. The heat has very little or nothing to do with these metabolic benefits that Far infrared Energy induces.

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