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Relax Far Infrared Silver Payment Plan

Excellent payment plan of a down payment and equal payments over five months worked for me to afford the Silver Sauna.

Relaxation non plus ultra!

I have only actually been using my Relax Far Infrared Sauna for 2 weeks now, as it took so long to get here.
However, I am delighted with it and would recommend to anyone!
It is so good to go to bed with a short session fully clothed beforehand, a real dose of relaxation to help immediate sleep!

Just so expensive for Canadians with exchange snd shipping, etc

Relax Infrared Sauna

The sauna is a great way to sweat deeply! Twenty minutes a day relaxes my muscles and I feel cleansed from the inside out. The temperature does feel a bit hot to my skin which I was not expecting. I will see if that changes over time. Overall a good purchase so far!

Works well !

Love the product. It performs as advertised. Easy to set up and take down. The only improvement I suggest would be a way to keep the power cord more out of the way on the inside of the unit.

Table lamp

Very comforting on my sinuses and ears

love my relax sauna. would buy again.

Michigan and Arizona

We bought one for our Michigan home, experienced it there, loved it, and knew we wanted to have one in our laundry/shed on our RV lot in Casa Grande, AZ. Now we’re experiencing the benefits while we “snow-bird” in the sunshine. 🌞
We’d double recommend!

Relax Far Infrared Silver Sauna

I love my Relax Sauna!

I have been using the Relax Sauna almost daily for over a month and am so pleased with it! The set-up was easy, the chair is sturdy and comfortable, and the sauna heats up quickly. I get a good sweat in 15 minutes and feel wonderful after.

A superior sauna

It is fantastic! I use it every day! The fold chair 🪑 is incredibly comfortable as well!


I love it!

Almost a 5

A little difficult to close up. But easy to set up.It does need to warm up before getting into it.Im glad that I purchased it.

Worth every penny

I had previously purchased a different sauna that was not good. It had the carbon panels and there is no comparison between it and the Relax sauna. It is a completely different heat that you can actually feel penetrating you. Luckily I was able to return the other one and purchase the Relax. My sister has it so I was able to try hers first.


Love it!!


Very nice! Warms up just in couple mins, almost instant!!! After my long hesitated decision to but sit up sauna( I love resting and laying down) I am extremely happy!


I couldn't use the sauna when it first arrived as I was moving and busy packing/unpacking my stuff but very eager to test it. I've been using it 5 times a week for 15 min. past 5 weeks and don't feel any different I see no changes. I've been having sleeping problems for 40 years and I haven't experienced any improvement there either and I've been using sauna before bed. I tried using it in the morning with no change to sleeping issues. Sometimes one of my calfs fells burning too. I just hope that the sweating is detoxing me.

Sauna Life

Now part of my morning routine using the sauna for 20 minutes. I am amazed at how sweaty I get in the last 5 minutes!


I skied a powder and my knees really felt it; then I did my first Sauna and the next day I was amazed by how good my knee felt. I will look forward to continuing my treatments.

Relax sauna

It’s so relaxing and I sleep so much better And the next day after using it, I feel great. All my aches and pains are gone. I use it 10 minutes a day if I just want the relaxing effects in 20 minutes if I want to detox Because after 10 minutes, you really start to sweat. i’ve only had a couple weeks, but I love it

It is easy to set up and use. I feel better and sleep better.

Temperature question

Enjoying it very much. Wondering what the internal temperature reaches.

Love this sauna!

This sauna came recommended from a friend and I couldn’t be happier with it. I look forward to using it and love how I feel after. Worth every penny!


We are very pleased with the Relax Sauna. Easy to set up and use. Heats very quickly, very confortable, and relaxing.


I have to say I am absolutely obsessed with my Relax Sauna!! I am amazed that I really feel a difference! I have more energy, I am actually sleeping through the night, which I have not done in 20 years!! And my moods are so much better! I am all around a much better person! I highly recommend that everyone needs this in their life!!!!

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