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I sustained a painful, infectious burn by misplaced foot after foot boar came off the heater. I wish you can find the way to secure the board more solidly.
Inside the tent temperature around my shoulder also seem to get too hot.
Otherwise, machine seem to be working fine to produce enough sweat,


Relax Far Infrared Silver Sauna

Love it

The very first session I took, I put a video on my cell phone to entertain myself, while I was in the sauna. But almost immediately upon starting up the sauna, I went into this “zone“ of being in the now. I was so chill, I couldn’t even hear the video on the phone, it was wonderful. Now over the weeks, I have gotten to the point where I can tolerate almost 30 minutes in the sauna… More if I am adequately hydrated. I do it before I do my daily exercises. As you commented on a recent Q&A podcast, this seems to relax the facia and make it easier to move. My skin feels wonderful… So soft. And of course, when I came out of the sauna, I am pain-free, relaxed and energized just like you said. I will not be returning this product so don’t be looking for it. 😊. I was very fortunate to be able to take advantage of the black Friday special as well as an additional coupon code. Merry Christmas to me.
And it could not have been easier to set up. Thank you for the YouTube tutorial on setting up and breaking down the relax sauna. It was extremely helpful. Thank you for promoting this product. How did I not hear about this before? Happy holidays!

No lights

This sauna heats up well. Was easy to assemble. It is supposed to be infrared but there are no lights. I could have purchased a non infrared sauna for much less money.

Does the job!

Easy to set up and use. It was recommended to start out with a shorter time duration but, after one session, I went straight to 30 minutes, which is just right for me. Take your time to find out your own setting, then enjoy relaxation...


I was apprehensive at first to purchase this sauna. Read the reviews, did some comparison shopping around, listened to Robyn O talk about how much she liked her Relax. Wow it’s better than my 2 person cedar Clearlight !It assembles quickly, it’s made really well for a portable and I’m in a deep sweat in under 15 min. It heats up fast and I LOVE IT. Everyone should have a Relax portable sauna in their home. I don’t want to live without mine!

Love it

I’ve always wanted a far Infrared Sauna and didn’t have the space or the funds for a larger unit. When the opportunity to get this portable unit came up I jumped on it and I'm glad I did. Shipping was very fast and it was super easy to set up and begin using. I love the fact that my head stays out of the heat, although I didn't think of that positive when I purchased it and it makes my husband laugh every time he sees me in it. It is so easy to use so I use it a lot.

No product rec’d

I ordered the sauna on 11/22/23. Today is 12/06 and I have not rec’d my sauna yet. I contacted the company and was told it was being shipped today. We’ll see. Interestingly when I ordered it I got an email within 30 minutes informing me it had shipped.

Relax Far Infrared Silver Sauna
Heather Gray FDN-P The Lyme Boss
I love my SAUNA

I had a sauna blanket before, and what took me 60 min in that I can do in 30 min this sauna. It was easy to set up, and I just love it.

Relax Far Infrared Silver Sauna

Naturooathic doctor

I love the ease of getting a remarkable sweat up with this sauna. I also cannot say enough about its portability

Love the heat! Plus know how good it is for me!

Im really enjoying it!

How to clean

The sweat is great and portability is awesome. Been changing out towels daily, but the thing is still stinky.

Making my body feel less aches and pains breaking a healthy sweat just ultimately a relaxing experience

Hi there. I haven’t had time to put together and use yet

But am looking forward to using it

Best investment ever!!

I have loved getting in my sauna every night. It relaxes me so much. I'm sleeping better and just all around feeling better. It's so easy and convenient to use.

My Relax Silver Sauna

Using this sauna is so relaxing. I use it twice a day. I hope, over time, using this sauna will heal me of restless leg syndrome. I already have delayed restless sensations at night just in the short time I have been using this sauna. I also like the probability of this sauna. I can set it up anywhere.

Relax Far Infrared Silver Sauna

Great investment into my health

I have wanted a sauna for some time now but the cost and lack of space has kept me from getting one. As soon as I read about your sauna and watched videos, I knew I had to get one!! I have been extremely happy with it. I had a friend try it out and he ordered one a couple days later. I’m already noticing less soreness after workouts, an overall relaxed body, and I’m sleeping much better after using it at night.

Love this sauna

Just in time - helping us through flu season!

Sauna is as Described

This 75 year old was able to set it up easily and without an issue. Have started using twice a day and hoping for overall healing. Heat feels wonderful.



I love my relax sauna

Compact,easy to set up and move.Heats up super fast.Great detox.

I emailed a month ago trying to speak with the individual who sold me the sauna at ILADS. I am interested in selling through my pharmacy or at least getting a discount code for my patients to purchase through my website. Can you please have someone contact me at [****]

Decongesting while relaxing

So easy to reverse a lifetime of congestion, while relaxing in the silver sauna. It fits easily into my living space where I can enjoy television or peace and quiet in the comfort of my home while enjoying this is the relaxing therapy. Thank you silver sauna.

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