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Relax far infrared silver sauna

I love this product and use it twice a day. It helps me to de stress and stay on the spiritual path.

Wow! Loving it!

I purchased a sauna blanket months ago and although it’s relaxing, it takes long to get a good sweat. Wow! Fast heat and enormous sweating in 10 minutes for me with Relax Sauna. This is ultimately important to me, as I had to go through intense chemotherapy for a rare and fast growing breast cancer for 6 months. I’m working hard at detoxification and relaxation after all of that. I’m totally happy and use it at least 5 days a week for a 15 minute session. Oh, and the chair is comfortable, which is another plus.

Helped post-surgical pain

I used the Relax Far Infrared Sauna for just a few days now and it has tremendously helped my foot that I had surgery on back in October. The pain that I had was actually worse after the surgery than beforehand. I believe I had inflammation and scar tissue causing the additional pain. The doctor said it could take 6-12 mos after the surgery to see complete results, but after using the sauna, my pain went down considerably:)

Great Sauna

Very happy that I purchased the Relaxed FIR Black Sauna. I now alternate between it and my dry (Finnish style) sauna. From my standpoint, they’re doing different things and they’re certainly conveying different feeling states; both good. Wish there were an option for a lower seat where I could occasionally meditate with head inside. All in all, a very effective, reliable, portable, easy to maintain product. Highly recommend.

I love it

This is a life saver. I had fungus on my nails and toe nails and nothing was helping until I started using the infra red sauna and cut down significantly on sugars. I know the sauna is the main help with my nails because taking the sugar away by itself did not do the trick. As soon as I added the sauna I saw great improvements within 3 weeks. I will be using it for the rest of my life.

Best purchase I’ve made so far!

Great concept

Little too big for my house

Need a more technical name.

Obviously, when I go to claim this as a medical expense on my taxes, I expect the IRS inspectors to put up resistance…a sauna? Sorry, Sir.. that would be a No.

So you should offer a different kind of receipt; Consider, perhaps, calling it a solid-state, far-infrared, photon emission device for medical therapeutics

I love my far infrared sauna

The Far infrared sauna boost immunity and helps move blood circulation to the joints for my patients who have had cold stagnation . It Helps blood flow, vasodilation , relieve chronic pain and promote more mobility to patients that have had chronic pain . . This health device works marvelously in conjunction with my medical treatments that I provide in my acupuncture clinic . i It relieves muscle tension , promotes better sleep and relaxation . I’m really impressed ! I’m so happy I purchased it . !!

Warming up

It’s ok I haven’t noticed anything special yet

Relax Far Infrared Silver Sauna

Relax Far Infrared Silver Sauna

Been using the Relax Sauna since December, 2023 to help with Stage IV breast cancer that has metastasized to my bones. In addition, Covid related pulmonary fibrosis & Afib. Plus shingles.

All my symptoms have improved significantly since using the Relax Sauna and the EESystem.

My last CT Scan and bloodwork were great.

Looking forward to seeing even better results in the future.


Really enjoying the sauna so far, just a week in. Great sweat and super quick - under 10 mins. Would recommend!

Relax sauna

Its very convenient to set up and use.

RELAX is the perfect name

My husband and I use ours nearly every day. We feel awesome. It is convenient. We never managed to make it to the gym, now we can sauna form the comfort of our home.


Love using my relax sauna
Best purchase in a long time

Awesome Sauna

Easy setup. Heats up in minutes. After 15 minutes I feel much better. Joint pain in my knee is virtually gone.

Best purchase in a long time!!!

This sauna fits perfect in my bedroom and I love that I can move it easily to other locations if needed. It heats up very quickly and I always feel amazing after! Everyone needs a Relax Sauna!!

Life Changing!

I had one of the “trendier” saunas and ended up throwing it in the dumpster after using the Relax Sauna! The Relax Sauna has been a game changer for not just me but my entire family! Plus the customer service was amazing - they answer the phone, return calls, and respond to emails so fast! Thank you guys!!

WOW !!!

This sauna is so impressive ! Very well made and the effects are amazing ! The feeling of euphoria afterwards is wonderful !

Exceeds expectations

I get a great sweat! My mom uses 5-10 minutes twice a day and her blood pressure has come down. Only had it for two weeks but I love it.

Great portable sauna

Excellent heat up capacity, just wish the remote dial holder was an option on both sides of the tent and not just left side. My outlet options are on right side of tent so plug cant reach. Also wish the inner poles had a sheath to insert the ends so they are not pushing directly into the fabric. Otherwise a great little sauna

Relax Sauna

only two weeks but so far really good. Sleeping much better. More relaxed in general. Look forward to seeing how my general health, strength and stamina progress.

Awesome purchase

We like the heat this infrared table heat lamp puts out, it's a real comfortable heat.
It can run for quite a long time, we haven't had it yet shut off on us when it is to get too hot, like it said it would. This is so nice and portable, you bring it with you on a trip, up camping, if you have a generator and so on...
We just wish it was a lot bigger, and they have them bigger, but they're a little more spendy.
Other that so far, this is a good little lamp.

Thank you!!!

Great Sauna!

The sauna was easy to set up and use. The whole family loves to use it. It heats up quickly and I love the hand zippers to be able to read while I sauna. It takes me about 15 minutes to begin sweating, but I’m warm almost right away.

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