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Very good

Works great

This sauna works great. I usually don’t sweat in a regular sauna for about 25 minutes. This one has me sweating good in 10 minutes!

I am enjoying my Relax Sauna

I left on vacation the day after I received my Relax Sauna, so I have only been using rhe sauna for the last three weeks regularly. So far, I can report that it was very easy to set up and it is easy to use. I like that it is portable and can be broken down and put in the carrying case very easily. It beats up instantly and does not use very much energy - a big plus these days!
I can also report that I feel really good after using the sauna I did need to ease into it a bit, but after 3-4 days, I was able to use the sauna for the full 30 minutes.

I am very happy with my Relax Sauna

Thank you 🙏

I've been using the table lamp while I watch TV at night. The main thing I was looking to help with the use of this lamp was the arthritic pain in both of my hands'' thumb joints. Once I give my hands about 30 minutes of heat I'll move the lamp to another body part that is having an issue. All up I probably use it for at least an hour every night if not more. The feel of the heat is great and very relaxing. My hands hardly ache at all anymore. That's not to say that the arthritic joint is pain free though it'll still give me a stabbing pain if I use it in the wrong way. I'm getting heat treatment to my lower body as well. I really like the ability to move the lamp around to different positions while I'm sitting. It makes it quite versatile and is perfect for the way I need to apply heat.'

Best purchase! I love it and can't believe how much I sweat in it. I haven't sweat so much in 10 years. I also feel extremely relaxed after using it. One of the best purchases I've made for sure.

I'm quite grateful for reading about your product after a long period of looking into various therapy options and then deciding to purchase two units. I use it everyday and it provides amazing benefits to ease my recurring nerve pain from an untreated broken wrist bone that healed poorly. I was thrilled to use a grounding strap on that wrist (and still do nearly 24/7) but together they're far more synergistic and healing. Both drastically reduce inflammation'

I love my Relax Sauna.Only had it up for a month and am expecting miracles to detox my body and it's working beautifully. I relax and sweat out impurities as I relax. It took me 4+ years to get the relax sauna - if your heart led you here - go for it. I plunged for this one because in this interview Phil said it's patented. It's worth it. Thank you each one!

I love it, its easy to use, gets hot fast and makes me feel great.

I love this lamp helps with all the little aches and pains on the face and can do it on foot knee or anywhere! Did treatments in all my family members over thanksgiving EVERYONES pain decreased after a 10-15 min treatment.

'Absolutely love our new Relax Sky Eye Medical Lamp! The only assembly needed was attaching the roller base. Piece of cake. Using this lamp feels wonderful and penetrating

I love my portable sauna! We bring it everywhere with us. It gives others a chance to sauna who don't have one but I'm thinking they will get one soon. And dealing with Sarah Hotchkiss has been splendid. Helping me get my sauna quickly!

I've used my Relax Sauna for about two weeks now'about 4 days per week'' often for 20 minutes or more each time. I've been able to sweat quite profusely--in minutes'' comfortably. I feel great afterwards following a shower with a chlorine filter. I've used the Relax Sauna only at night and think I have more restful sleep. It also seems to help me with reducing my morning anxiety the following mornings. I plan to continue using it to regularly to detoxify from chemicals I've been exposed to in the past and to improve my overall health. I would like to take a moment to thank Phil Wilson. I enjoyed watching and listening to video interviews and presentations you gave about Far Infrared technology posted by Relax Sauna and other YouTube channels. Your explanation of resonate frequency and fourth phase of water is particularly interesting. I especially enjoy watching the testimonial videos; I find them informative and inspirational. Keep up the great work.'

My Brother and SIL recommended Relax Sauna to us. We had been wanting to purchase for a year or so and finally pulled the trigger and so happy we did. I am using now almost every other day for about 20 minutes but hope to ramp up to daily soon.It was very easy to install and start to use.I do not really sweat that much but love the therapeutic and health advantages of detoxing in just a short amount of time daily.As the name suggests, also very relaxing and so fast to heat up.So happy for our new sauna!

'I absolutely love my Sauna!! I am in it every morning for 25 minutes. It has helped me so very much. I have arthrofibrosis in my left knee'' I live in constant chronic pain. The Sauna has helped with my pain and also given me back a ton of range of motion in my left knee that I had lost for years. It''''s a miracle'' I can bend my knee more now and am in less pain. Thank you for this amazing product! It has helped me more in one month then any Dr has in 4 years since my total knee replacement. I look forward to seeing how much more will come the more I use it! Thank you thank you thank you!! I recommend everyone to buy this Sauna'' you won''''t be disappointed! %uD83D%uDE42%uD83E%uDD17""Scott M. check VERIFIED PURCHASE"starsmall starsmall starsmall starsmall starsmall"starsmall starsmall starsmall starsmall starsmall"2020-01-15""Love it. Gets you sweating quick! Quality well built chair and heaters. I have recommended this to many friends and family."

I absolutely LOVE my new experience. I feel so relaxed and ready to sleep after my daily hot saunas in the evenings. I always struggled with falling asleep but this thing is a miracle. I would not normally get buzzing thoughts syndrome but profuse sweating and relaxation after doing this sauna really. helps with my sleep.

Love my relax sauna. I have so many aches and pains and when I get in it for 20-30 mins, I feel so much better. I'm so glad I bought this and have told a lot of my clients about it.

It is a little early to rate the sauna. So far so good. The control attachment does not stay in place so I just put the timer on the floor. I am doing 15 minutes daily. I need to lower my metal toxicity hoping this will help.Thanks for a good product.

'Nice and small and adjustable. Haven''t had it long enough to know how well it works.'


Really enjoy the relaxing effect with my muscle. Only have had it for a week and a day. Enjoy making a part of my daily routine.

Outstanding value. Replaced wooden infrared sauna we had in our prior home. Use mine twice a day and purchased another for my daughter in Wyoming.

Nice sauna it makes you sweat fast.

HiI just received the sauna here in France. I tried it 2 times and it worked well a lot of sweating starting at about 10 min. It does its job. Thank you

Amazing sauna. Truly one of the best detox products I have purchased. I feel relaxed and invigorated every time I leave the sauna. I use it almost every day.

Very happy with my far infrared sauna. Great quality- works great well made!

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