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My toes get so hot they turn red and hurt and then I must shut one side. What else May I do to get the full spectrum of the sauna so I May sweat to health. Thanks.

Not sure about this

I did not receive a tracking number and was supposed to have to sign for the package, but found it was delivered at the wrong door of my house. Thanks to my neighbor, the box was placed seen and moved to a safer location until I could get home. Jonathan said the sauna was easy to assemble, but it doesn't seem so simple to me. I hope a friend of mine can help me or I can at least find a video online which shows the steps to putting this sauna together properly. So far, I am regretting spending my money on this item.

Superior quality and efficiency

I originally wanted to get a wooden infrared sauna. I’m so grateful that my friend turned me on the relax portable sauna and that I chose to purchase it instead. It is so convenient, and incredibly effective. As a result I active actually use it every night, and even if I only have 20 minutes to spare, I can get a full and perfect session! Best purchase I’ve made in years!

A very effective minimalist set up

This is about as compact yet effective set up as humanly possible. It does not take up a lot of space so you can definitely make room for it unlike traditional saunas.
I wondered if I would like it at all with my head not being inside of the heated area, but my head still sweats a lot that actually helps me be able to stay in at longer. No questions about the intensity of the heat; 20 minutes is all I want to stay in for in 30 minutes is all I can stand; it’s every bit as warm as any other sauna I’ve ever been in.
Plenty of sweating to be had! The chair is really sturdy and has no issue, holding my weight at 300 lbs. this is not a spacious sauna, and is made to be compact, which is nice because it fits almost anywhere. If you have concerns about fitting inside the sauna itself, I will say that I have no problem doing so at 5’8, 300 lbs, strongman / power lifter build.
There’s no way to tell if the far infrared light is actually a real thing or not because you can’t see it due to it not being in the visible spectrum however, you do feel the cozy warmth like you get from the suns rays until the heat from the heaters overwhelms and makes you start sweating like a traditional sauna. When justifying the cost of the sauna, you have to believe that the transistors/chips that are supposed to be in this far infrared unit that filter out the near and middle waves is legitimate. I have no reason to think that it is not however, I have no way of ultimately proving it either. Assuming that it is a superior far infrared product then I will give this thing five stars. The only reason I’m going with four stars, is because it definitely is a bare-bones set up. This is not a luxury item with plenty of lounging space, etc.. however, if you’re needing access to a really effective sauna, then this is absolutely what you need. No more having to drive to the gym to use the public sauna. At the price point for this item, it is really the cheapest you’re going to get into a sauna for.
There are similar looking cheap ones on, and I have nothing to compare or contrast with except for just the pictures. All I can say is this one definitely heats up and puts a good sweat on. I don’t think Jonathan Landsman at NaturalHealth365 would give his endorsement to an inferior product either. So I am assuming that their claims about the superior microchip technology in this far infrared heater unit is legitimate. I would definitely buy this item again at this price point.
As a sidenote, every time I get out of the sauna, I spray the inside down lightly with colloidal silver water, and it seems to be working just fine as far as stopping any bacterial growth. I also run the unit for 10 minutes after I’m out to evaporate any water.

Love my Relax Far Sauna

I love how this is portable and I can move it whenever I want. It's so easy to maintain and very easy to use. The only thing that is pesky is the placement of the control unit. It doesn't stay put and falls on the floor a lot. I'm worried it may break since it is falling on a hard tile surface. Other than that, I love how quickly it comes up to temperature.

“7th Heaven” experience for healthy living!

Buying & using this sauna every morning & every evening has calmed my entire being. I feel that I have given myself the gift of a “7th Heaven” experience, both physically & mentally. It’s like someone gave me the most relaxing restfulness that my life needed. Now I don’t think that I could live without it, if you can believe it! I think that the sauna will extend my life span by affecting every cell in my body. I am so grateful for this amazing product.

Relax far infrared silver sauna

I am very happy with this sauna. It was easy to set up and begin using right away. It heats up immediately and only takes a few minutes before I am sweating out the toxins.

Far Infrared (Silver) Sauna

I like the Sauna, gets warm quick.
One side heats up hotter than the other?
The cord gets very hot, but found a way to tuck it behind the bar that holds up the tent/sauna.
No way to secure the attachment with the timer and switch, if there is it doesn’t say?
Why is one corner of the tent sauna reinforced with plastic in the seam and the other side not?
The chair is comfortable. The place we are to place feet was made for a size 5 women’s foot so gets a bit hot (like burning hot) since I don’t really get a sweat till it’s run for 20 min.
Not enough information in the set up manual that talks what the benefits actually are, going off what GSG recommendation has been.
Think it’s a bit pricy but with the discounts I am glad I made the purchase.

Relax Infrared Sauna

I love the Relax Infrared Sauna because it heats up instantly and I can go in often even with my clothes on. Everyone that has visited me has tried it and loves the instant warmth! I gave my old Sauna away because it took too long to heat and I rarely used it. Very happy with my purchase.

Convenient sauna

First time, trying it. Love it.


Better than expected!

I like it

It feels good. So far it is benefitting my health. It is not hard to use. However, it is bigger than the dimensions on the web site.

Good portable sauna

I bought this as a substitute for a regular free standing infrared sauna. It doesn't take up too much space & was easy to assemble. I have not tried to take it down & store it yet. It does what it is advertised to do. I haven't had it very long yet, but so far so good.

love it

love the convenience and ease

Too soon to tell

Have not had a chance to use it yet. Will be having surgery soon and will use it to try to speed up healing. Disappointed that no paperwork came with the lamp, no instructions, warranty info, etc.

Have not received it.

Sadly have nothing to be able to share. Have not received it yet.

Love it!!

The sauna is easy to set up strong construction and heats up quickly. I look forward to getting in it every day so glad I ordered it. I check my body temperature when I get out and it’s usually 2° higher and I’m sweating really feel like I’m doing something good for my body. Thank you.

This sauna is a fantastic tool to keep yourself health

Its not just sweating that convinced me to purchase the Relax Sauna but the deep cleansing that takes place as your water cells are shaken and contaminated dead moisture is brought to the surface, and wiped off with a towel. I would get this sauna before spending money on a vacation, or anything that doesn't have lasting value.

Simply Amazing!

I first learned of sauna in Finland when visiting an exchange student friend from high school. Since then I dreamed of building a sauna in my home - cost and space held me back. I love love love the Relax Sauna! The price is reasonable and it doesn’t take up much space. It heats very quickly and I’ve used it daily since it arrived. If you need me - you’ll find me sitting in my Relax Sauna. Every morning. For the rest of my life! <3

True to Its Name!

I absolutely love my Relax Sauna! It has been the best investment for my health. I love the compact size and the delivery was quick and the setup so easy! I use it every day.

Great product

I love the fact that it is quick, easy and so good for health benefits.

Have never slept so good in a long time!

Sleeping so good and relaxed!

New Relax Far Infrared Silver Sauna

Easy set up. Heats up quickly. Easy to use. Really enjoy relaxing in it.

Relax sauna

I am loving my sauna. Working my way up to longer times, with more heat. I always feel amazing after a session.


The Relax sauna is amazing. The quality and function are exactly as advertised. I am very pleased with my purchase.

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