Autism and Heavy Metal Detoxing

Is Autism an Epidemic?

Autism and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has quickly become a compounding, shocking epidemic around the world. Rates have skyrocketed most specifically in the past 10-20 years. Diagnoses are expected to rise further as the environment becomes more toxic. Those born with autism will age into adulthood needing more and more care. ASD is on a spectrum, ranging in degrees from high functioning to low functioning and everything in between. People with the disorder have severely imbalanced gut flora and high concentrations of heavy metals in the brain and body tissues. Specifically, high concentrations of mercury and aluminum. Many factors contribute to the severity of the disease including dietary and food choices, as certain foods, chemicals and environmental toxins are inflammatory such as mold, glyphosate, gluten, wheat, sugar, dairy, food colorings, preservatives, corn, eggs and more. Other factors include gut dysbiosis, digestive issues, as beneficial bacteria in the gut are depleted in those with autism. Environmental exposures such as electromagnetic radiation (EMF) are also a huge issue.

Many afflicted with autism are in pain but cannot communicate exact feelings directly or even verbally. The mothers, fathers, caregivers and families of autistic individuals are severely over-burdened physically, emotionally, mentally and financially. It usually takes a team of people to care for one autistic individual. Since governments, doctors, pharmaceutical and drug companies are immune from any responsibility for the autism epidemic, the burden of care is always on the parents and families. Many parents are exhausted and overtaxed from the horror of constant care. Multi-treatments are paramount to the success of treating autism: occupational therapy, school, diet, supplements, complementary therapies, social, emotional and physical, speech, cognitive, chiropractic care and much more. As aging increases, more treatment and therapies are constantly shifting.

Why the sudden surge in Autism spectrum disorders?

It is Multi-factorial

Many people are confused about the meteoric rise in autistic people born and sudden onset in early infancy. As common sense would show, with the increase in unnecessary and extremely toxic vaccinations starting at birth, many believe that vaccines are responsible for the autism epidemic. Just ask a mother and father of a child who was perfectly healthy and normal until they received a vaccine/s. Though this is vehemently denied by many in the medical community, including doctors and nurses themselves, the direct connection, wisdom, intuition and experience by the parents and the multi-millions paid out by the vaccine court to the families of vaccine injured children cannot be ignored or denied. This will be an issue with more and more attention focused on it.

The thimerisol and other vaccine additives are loaded with mercury, aluminum, MSG, formaldehyde, aborted fetal tissue cells and numerous other human carcinogens lodge themselves in the bodies of the vaccine recipients. Most are newborns and young children whose immune systems and detox pathways have not been formed. These toxins are difficult if not impossible to expel from the human body. They wreak havoc in the cells and brain and create severe illnesses in addition to autism. inflammations encophymylegic fire in the brain, frying the circuits, retro viruses, stay with you for generations, can cause early onset Alzheimer's, chronic infections, memory and cripples the immune system.

Far infrared light therapy has been reported to relieve symptoms of heavy metal toxicity, dumps out lactic acid, metabolic waste and many of the other symptoms of ASD. Far infrared decreases inflammation, pain, swelling, reduces anxiety and stress, balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems for better sleep and mood, improves blood circulation, promotes cellular renewal, releases endorphins known as the ‘bliss chemicals’, increases energy yet creates deep relaxation. And much, much more.

Give the Gift of Health

detox, sleep, sweat and feeling great!

The Relax Sauna is portable, efficient, affordable, natural, simple, holistic and very powerful!


Relax Sauna

Is known as the Superior Sauna

Because of the technology used in its radiators. The semiconductor chips produce a profound 1400 watts of pure far infrared light and produce a profuse, deep sweat in 15 minutes.

The Relax Sauna is so advanced that it actually surpassed a known law of physics called ‘Planck’s Law” which has baffled and impressed scientists, engineers, and many others. The creators of the Relax Sauna have won awards all over the world for this technological innovation.

Karen Thomas

Well Known Expert on Autism

Hosts a website and has written the book: Natural Healing Autism, a guide to the whole process to help heal from the symptoms of autism, from her own experience to heal her son. She also has a radio show on

‘I have used far infrared saunas in the past. I felt they were effective but not to the degree of this one, it was MUCH MORE effective.

The way I feel today, the energy, even my gut feeling, is more balanced, I have tons of energy. I feel the Relax Sauna is much stronger and much more effective, in a gentle way, not in a harsh way.

I love that it is portable. It is great for parents, especially if you have a child on the autism spectrum where you need to be able to take it around for detoxification. It can fit in any home or any space. It’s a really, really great product, I would highly recommend it. I have been recommending saunas for a long time.

They are great for detox, for lyme, but the detox issue is big, and they are really helpful with that. It works with your body own natural heat processes to turn the heat around and internalize it so the body's own innate healing processes work with it. I absolutely like this product: the best of all the far infrared saunas I have ever seen. I would say this one would, by far, be the best choice. This is a really great product.’



"I happen to be in the autism community, I have 2 kids on the spectrum. I tried the Relax Sauna and absolutely fell in love with it! I like this much better than the full saunas for many reasons, it warms your body from the inside.

My 2 kids tried it which is a great detox as they have medical issues. We fell in love with it and this is 1,000 times better, we use it every day. There is always one of us in it. My kids love it ! My little one, 9, regularly says in the morning on the way to school, 'Mom, I just really need to go in the sauna for 5 minutes' It really helps with his anxiety issues, it helps bring him down and center him. He comes out a different kid.

After school, he brings his books into the sauna and just reads."

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