Studies Show that Creating a Fever is an
Important Tool in Fighting Disease

Studies Show that Creating a Fever is an Important Part of the Body's Immune System

When you are sick, your body

works to raise it's temperature

A fever makes it harder for pathogens to survive

A sauna is a perfect way to help your body raise your core temperature

There are many studies showing the effects of heat therapy, aka hyperthermia. Below are a few excerpts. ​Apart from cancer, HSPs(Heat Shock Proteins) of different origins, with a molecular weight of about 60, 70, and 90 kDa, also play a pivotal role in viral infections, including human and simian immunodeficiency virus (HIV, SIV), measles, and choriomeningitis. Moreover, HSPs have been found to induce tolerance against autoimmune diseases. (Heat shock proteins in immunity)

Raising core temperature induces heat shock response according to this study by the NIH:Heat shock (elevated body temperature) elicits the heat shock response, an evolutionarily conserved pathway that protects cells and tissues from numerous environmental stresses (Morimoto et al. 1997; Morimoto 1998; Mathew et al. 2000). (Induction of Heat Shock Proteins by Hyperthermia and Noise Overstimulation in Hsf1−/− Mice)

Raising core temperature activates the immune system. Scientists found that the generation and differentiation of a particular kind of lymphocyte, known as a "CD8+ cytotoxic T-cell" (capable of destroying virus-infected cells and tumor cells) is enhanced by mild fever-range hyperthermia.(Elevated body temperature helps certain types of immune cells to work better, evidence suggests)

Fever Plays Vital Role in Immune Response

Here is a quote from a study on fever's effect on viruses:​"In the case of viruses, high temperature have been demonstrated to destabilize viral RNA polymerase in highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) (26,27), or can exert an inhibitory effect over the synthesis of the viral RNA genome of Human Influenza A virus (28)."(Fever as an important resource for infectious diseases research)

How the Relax Sauna raises core temperature faster than other saunas

Far infrared increases your core temperature quickly

because it is absorbed by the water molecules in your body.

The more far infrared energy a sauna emits, the faster the sauna will increase your core temperature. The heat increase is from within as opposed to heating the outside of your body via hot air like a traditional sauna.

The combination of a unique far infrared generator that puts out the highest quality levels of far infrared and also the Relax sauna's strength at 1500 watts makes it the most effective sauna for boosting immune system activity. We have professional users who have tested and proven this.

Dr. Paul Anderson reports to us that in just 1 hour, at his cancer clinic,
that he can increase the body temperature to 102.8 degrees. In his
experience, no other infrared sauna comes close to achieving these

A researcher used an Apple watch to track his core temperature
to compare how fast his core temperature was raised by several
different saunas. He found that none of the other saunas came close to
the Relax Sauna in dramatically increasing core temperature.

From his testimony:
"I'm working on a full write up but my initial results are pretty amazing with the Relax (sauna). In 30 minutes it got my core temp to 101.1F from 97.9. After a workout it only took 25 minutes."
Read the full report

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