What People are Saying About Relax Sauna

From the book "Gastra Girl"

by Rebecca J Harder,

Director of Colon Care in Portland, Oregon

“Now I know the Relax infrared sauna does not look impressive,

Making it hard to believe that the best is not necessarily the most expensive and nicest looking one. Especially when you compare the Relax Sauna to the beautiful wooden saunas... that have built-in stereos, lighting and that spa-like feeling.

I understand your gut reaction. For the last 10 years I have turned my nose up at the Relax Sauna every time I saw them at the health conferences until this last year when I tried one.

I was sold on the Relax Sauna within the first 3 minutes! Right away I could feel the difference. No preheating like with the wooden saunas. In the Relax Sauna, I experienced instant relaxation from the higher quality infrared.”

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Dr. Rodger D. Billaca, MD

“I was the Chief of Medical Operations

for the NASA Space Program.”


I have my own functional integrative practice, Tri-Life Health. I have an eight-month waiting list for new patients.” He got his Relax Sauna two years ago at the Best Answer to Cancer Show in Dallas, Texas and says, “We’ve been very happy with it.  I’m very committed to dealing with environmental toxicity because I think it is a huge issue with the health of our nation and I’m a doctor who thinks every house in the country ought to have a far infrared sauna in it.”

He had been using and selling other far-infrared wooden and portable saunas before but now feels that the Relax sauna, “is of a much higher quality and, I think, a much more effective infrared experience.  The real breakthrough is with patients who are so toxic, burdened and they don't sweat. And, they've got their fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivities. They've got their mitochondria toxicity and you just say hang in there, keep following the protocols - hydration, electrolytes, exercise, and the sauna. So, we really are excited for those sorts of patients when they finally start sweating. We’ve seen some major breakthroughs with people.”



“I've never been in one before

and I am claustrophobic.”




I was really nervous about it. But, it was actually, quite comfortable and relaxing. And, immediately after I got out only after about 7 minutes, I had a headache and back pain when I went in and those were both gone. So, it was very nice. Thank you.”



Dr. Joan

“Last year at this conference

I bought one of these units.”




It was easy to put together. The Relax Sauna. It’s the best money I ever spent because it nips everything in the bud. If I feel a cold coming on, I get in there. I get a sweat going. I wake up fine the next day. Anything hurts, fine the next day. My husband has degenerative nerve damage. He has toxicity issues. He started using this daily. He’s no longer using a cane. And, he’s no longer using his leg braces. We tested everything with him. And, he’s just getting better and better. So, I highly recommend it.”



Dr. James Onnikian

“Relax Sauna is absolutely

a must have in life today.”




 Dr. Onnikian - has been using the Relax Sauna's far-infrared generators to heat his hot yoga room every day for 5 hours at a time for the last 10 years using the SAME units and they are still working! He bought 10 Relax Saunas 15 years ago and says; “Relax Saunas, in my opinion as a naturopathic physician, are the best on the market today because they still emit the same heat after 15 years. If that's not enough to show the wear-ability of these units, I don't know anyone who uses it more than I do.”

“So, it is absolutely a must-have in life today, for muscle soreness, removing lactic, purging other unknown poisons, weight loss, I mean you are losing weight the second you drop into it. Everybody wants to look good, healthy-looking skin for athletes as well, pre-warm up, post-workout. If I'm sore, I jump in. And 10 minutes later, you're not sore. 30 minutes into it, you’ve got like a 5-mile run. I do Pranayama breathing. It’s a meditation box, as well, to escape reality in your box. I use it all the time and I have not stopped using it. I was a professional world champion kick boxer 2001 to 2005. I held the world championships kickboxing and Golden Gloves. I have sold 100s of them.”



Dr. Lauren Child - M.D., NY

“I bought the sauna last year.

I use it ever night five nights a week.”




“I even have a cedar sauna in my home. That’s for the weekend. That’s an event. But for every night before I go to bed this is it… it helps me sleep. It helps my joints sometimes. It helps sometimes when I go and do an Ashtanga yoga and my muscles are killing me (but I know it's good for me). It helps my muscles. And the biggest thing, it helps my mental health and my emotional health so I can do the same thing the next day. I have three small children. They all love it.  11, 12, and 16, they all go in with me.”




Doctor, Firefighter, EMT




Another  doctor was so Impressed with her pain relief and that of her firefighter patient, she is replacing her wooden sauna with the Relax Sauna - “I want to say for the record, that I spent several thousand dollars on a very large wooden medical sauna and I am much more impressed with this little box I am sitting in and I am going to replace, in my clinic, this little silver box. And, I am impressed with the integrity of Phil and the company and I've looked at a lot of products."

John Malanca

United Patients Group




 John Malanca of United Patients Group - listened to a talk by a woman, a federal judge who had stage IV cancer and had been told to go home and get her affairs in order since the amount of chemo and radiation they would have to administer would probably be a fatal dose.  She then learned about the importance of sweating. Living in Texas, she was always in air conditioning and never sweated. “To make a long story short, she rid her cancer via sweating. She did not do chemo, radiation. She is alive today.  And. after hearing her lecture, I walked back into the trade show and my wife and I bought two Relax Saunas. It’s a year later. We still use it on a regular basis. So, I am a fan of it. I think it's important to sweat, to rid the body of the toxins. It's very healing.”



Doctor Tony

Naturopath & Herbalist




“I have a doctorate in clinical psychology, the author of 15 books, and own a superfood line.”  He is very aware of holistic health. He got a Relax sauna about a year ago because, “Well obviously, I’m into health!  I want to stay as healthy as possible. And, I do a lot of lecturing, a lot of radio, a lot of television.  And, I want to live as good as possible and stay lean and fit and I started to use it and I could not believe the reaction I got.

I sweat. I’m leaner. I’m fitter. I’m healthier and my skin has improved dramatically!  So, it’s making the liver work much more effectively and it’s making your whole lymphatic system work much more effectively.  It’s improving your health. It’s getting those toxins out. And, that’s what we all need to do, get the toxins out, get the lead out, get the mercury out, get the waste matter out of our body and in so doing, that’s when true health really happens.”

The Relax Sauna is, “quite remarkable because it heats up the body. It creates a level of sweating that allows you to get rid of those toxins.  And when you get rid of those toxins, your body starts to breathe. Your body can’t breathe when it is filled with toxins and full of debris, excess water, matter. And, the root cause of most diseases and ill health in this country, as we know, is systemic toxins and poor nutrition. So, what this does, it’s a simple way for you, in the comfort of your own home or if you're traveling in your hotel room, to bring it with you, plug it in, turn on the timer and you’re ready to go, 20 minutes, 25 minutes, a half an hour, or whatever length of time you feel is comfortable for you.

You will sleep so magnificently. You will feel better and you’ll definitely see a difference in your hair, your skin, and your nails. Why? Because it is providing oxygenation.  And bacteria and viruses cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment.  The Nobel prize was won for that way back in 1941.”



Dr. Robert Young

PH Miracle Center



Dr. Robert Young with the PH Miracle Center - has been using saunas for over 30 years and the Relax Far Infrared Sauna for 5 years. In microbiology and hematology, which is what he does, he has a Ph.D. in nutrition and his Doctorate of Science is in biochemistry. “And, yes, I am a research scientist.” He has found the Relax Sauna, with its 98% amount of far infrared, as opposed to other infrared saunas that only produce 30 or 40 or 50%, to be the most effective. more than near or mid-infrared “in regeneration, in circulation and percolation and in restoring health to the body. I’m suggesting that when you are looking for a sauna, and specifically, something that is real - the Relax Sauna. The side effects are, wow, I feel good, Oh, I have more energy. Oh, wow, geez, my skin feels more supple, Oh, wow. geez, I don’t have itching.”

“The sauna is the quickest way to restore health and it’s totally passive. It affects your whole nervous system … it supports the lymphatic system which is, literally, your vacuum cleaner … it allows the fluids to stay at their alkaline design of 7.365. That is critical because when pH drops to 7.3 or 7.2, this is when you are getting a cellular degeneration. You are going to get cellular mutation.” The Relax Sauna, which he insists is the Real Sauna, not the fake sauna, actually does that.

Dr. Nelson Bulmash

Host of Health Matters

On the U.I.A. Media Network



“I love these. I think they’re one of the most powerful healing tools in this country right now. And, I think that because particularly new studies indicate a more than 60% reduction in dementia. If you use it four times a week for 20 minutes, it significantly decreases your risk of heart attack and stroke. It increases the collateral circulation of the heart, increases ATP synthesis. It’s fantastic for increasing circulation, for gently detoxifying the body and all kinds of other things. Check it out and get yourself one of these Relax Saunas and you can see and experience far greater health than you might have now.”

Dr. Earnest A. Earhart

"Improves nerve

conduction and neuropathy."




Dr. Ernest A. Earhart - thinks it is truly beneficial for people who have diabetes and problems with their feet, fungus, neuropathy, sores that were not healing, bedsores and a host of other problems, is well as issues with weight loss, detoxification, relaxation, energy and psoriasis. He has 3 graduate medical degrees, in Integrative Medicine, Biological Dental Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine. He has a master’s degree in nutrition and has gotten honorary awards for that. He was a TA at Rutgers University and has done a lot of teaching.

Comparing the Relax Sauna to wooden saunas, he says, “In terms of efficiency, there is no comparison. If you feel you want to take good care of yourself and you respect your health and you want to maintain a steady, balanced state of energy, this is what you want.



Dr. Catherine

Discusses Lyme Disease

and Sauna Detoxing



Dr. Catherine - has had her Relax Sauna for over eight years. “I love my sauna. It works very well with all of my patients, my clients, especially the ones that have Lyme disease because bacteria dies at 104 1/2° core body temperature. If used repeatedly and regularly it will open your body temperature enough so that your body temperature can rise to a 104 1/2° and kill off the bacteria and parasites also, and fungus and things in your blood and you will feel better after you kill all of that off and get it all out of your body.”

“You can do a lot of other things but that is why God gave us fever and heat. It’s the most natural way to get rid of so many things, not only Lyme but just so all the other parasites and fungus. It keeps virus… oh, my god, viruses do not like heat at all! So, this will keep the virus down. All of you herpes people out there, and I know there's a ton of you, this keeps the virus down, all the different types of herpes, herpes 6, herpes 8, herpes 12, herpes simplex, all of it.”

Wei - Acupuncturist

"Relax Saunas far infrared energy

moves Chi like no other sauna."




 Wei - acupuncturist attending the Acupuncturist Convention - Wei says, “Right now, I'm feeling really warm under the sauna here. My hands feel like it feels like when I do Tai Chi. It's swirling and pulsing and it just feels like things are moving, like the blood is circulating. The Chi is moving, exactly how I feel after I do Tai Chi.”  Wei has been doing Tai Chi for about 10 years. Being in the sauna, he says, “You get the same sensation, very similar.”





Medical Director at a Spa

that uses Relax Sauna



Alicia - “I love it. I keep it at home, in an office at home, for me, myself, and my children, to detoxify them mostly. My kids use it by intuition whenever they feel sick.  They go there to warm up when they don’t feel good. I don’t push them. They do it themselves.  They usually do it for about 10 minutes. I do it for 20 to 25. It penetrates and helps the drainage.”





"We use it everyday,

it's my favorite."


Shana, a performance athlete, does marathons, endurance races, heavy weightlifting and athletics - “I cannot live a day without this machine.” She finds that her athletic performance is greatly improved when she uses the sauna because her muscles are not rock hard. They are soft because there are no toxins building up in her muscles. She also has no cellulite. Because the sauna is infrared, it is inflammation-reducing, so if the muscle gets irritated or inflamed it's okay because she knows that in about 30 minutes it will be okay again after she has used the sauna. She says it helps her recover so quick! With the Relax Sauna, she says that 80% more toxins are released in the sweat. With the regular saunas, the sweat is about 80% pure water.  “I love this machine.”


Lost 90 Lbs. Level 10 Arthritis pain gone

Now she's a "Jumpin' Jack" using Relax Sauna




Jan -  “I have three or four bulging disks and the fifth ruptured and I was starting to feel sciatic pain down my leg. And, I went into the sauna for five minutes and it’s not there anymore. So, I find it fascinating. I'm going to walk around a little bit, but this is something I've GOT to have in my house.”

Jan has been using the Relax Sauna for about four years. She had been very overweight and used the sauna about four times a week for about 20 minutes. She sweated a lot and. within the first year, lost over 70 pounds. She had weighed 245 pounds and got down to 170 pounds. In the last six months, she has lost maybe another 20 pounds.

She also had a lot of inflammation, particularly with arthritis, and it really helped with that. She had been so stiff she could not bend over and pick things up off the floor. Her arthritic pain had been at a level 10, then it diminished down to a level of 5 or 6 and now she is pain-free! She says she is like a Jumping Jack now. “I feel like a new woman. I feel younger, I feel like I have more energy than I ever had before.” She says that when her friend introduced her to the sauna “that was the beginning of the new me. It definitely works. I would totally recommend it. It really saved my life.”

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