The primary benefit of infrared saunas is to sweat out a lifetime accumulation of environmental and other chemical toxins that may be reducing wellness, vitality and energy.

Additionally, soaps, shampoos, and body washes are usually full of chemicals, per the labels and are absorbed through the skin.

These chemical toxins accumulate over the years into sometimes a substantial toxin load on the body that disrupts body chemistry, vitality and energy.

The average person may be ingesting 30,000 micro bits of plastic yearly from seafood, plastic bottles, wraps and plastic food containers, cups etc.

Search: "Micro Plastic Foods"

Study by National Geographic

“The average person eats thousands of plastic particles every year,” study finds.


See the Movie On-line:

The Plastic Ocean

Environmental Medicine Doctor, Sherry Rogers,

In her book "Detoxify or Die",

Says that toxins can mimic disease and and this is not always recognized. She says that the best way to remove toxins is with an infrared sauna, and it is the only way to remove plastics. Here are some excerpts from Her Book.

Relax users frequently comment of the improved feeling of wellness, mental clarity, better sleep, better skin and complexion and energy after a number of high sweat sessions. There are tens of thousands of wood infrared saunas, largely in homes, in which toxins are sweated out, it just takes longer-- up to 40-45 minutes for a good sweat session versus speedy Relax saunas in 15 to 20 minutes, plus face, eyes and hair stay cool and mostly dry.

Types of Saunas

Infrared is part of the beneficial rays of sunlight. There are three types depending on the length of the light wave, ….near, medium and far. Far penetrates the most and is the most beneficial. It's the heat you feel on a inter day coming through your jacket. Or hatching turtle eggs buried in the sand.

Fitness clubs usually have a steam room and a dry heat sauna with water poured over rocks or hot stove. These largely benefit the skin and lungs. Some have wood infrared saunas.

A far infrared sauna heats the body from the inside raising core temperature that causes the body to sweat to cool itself off. This sweat brings out toxins from the tissues and dumps them into the urine also. The Relax Sauna is the only known sauna that can raise core temperature as much as 3 degrees in about 25 minutes.

Infrared Generation with Commonly Used Carbon Panels

The most commonly used method to generate far infrared in saunas

Is with one or more carbons panels hung on the side(s) of the sauna.

A carbon panel is a large piece of fabric impregnated with carbon. It is electrically heated up and emanates a mild amount of infrared. Normally carbon panel saunas, small ones up to large wood ones, take 10 to 20 minutes to fully heat up, and up to 40 -45 minutes for full sweat.

Relax® Advanced Technology

The inventor of the Relax Sauna said it took him ten years to figure out how to generate larger amounts of far infrared, He develop a semi-conductor like chip that filters out near and medium infrared, and concentrates the most beneficial far infrared. And then he placed the chips in front of a motorized generator that pushes through energy that is converted to far infrared by the chips instantly. And in large, therapeutic volumes for fast benefits and sweating sessions of only 15 to 20 minutes saving time over traditional carbon panel saunas.

The inventor patented his invention in three countries and received awards and recognitions. This was in the early 1990's. Since then, tens of thousands of folks worldwide have benefited from this huge advancement in far infrared therapy. The inventor keeps the price uniform so there is no need to shop around.

This technology is explained more in detail in eBook 2, pages 3 to 11. Relax technology compared with carbon panels is like comparing a motorcycle vs. a bicycle.

A lady told us that she ordered a small (carbon panel) sauna, likely from China, and a Relax Sauna at the same time as both had 30 day returns. She said the carbon panel sauna got hot but did not produce the fast profuse sweating like Relax so she returned it. Both looked the same on the outside, but it is 'under the hood' that matters.

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