What makes Relax Far Infrared saunas different?

See the comparison to other infrared saunas

There are 2 main types of infrared saunas you will see on the market, Wooden infrared saunas and portable infrared saunas.

Wooden infrared saunas look really nice but what really matters for your health is the quality of the far infrared generators. Most wooden saunas use ceramic heaters much like the small space heaters you can buy for your home. They heat up the sauna good but only emit 40-60% infrared ray.  Other wooden saunas use carbon fiber panels which emit EMF over large areas and still only emit 40-60% far infrared. So they use marketing tactics of calling it "full spectrum infrared" or near infrared because their generators do not have a clean far infrared output.  Far infrared is the frequency of infrared which you body absorbs the best.

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A major advantage Relax Saunas have over wooden saunas

​Of those who have purchased the Relax Sauna

or have tried the Relax Sauna at expos, many were surprised that the Relax Sauna heated up in less than 30 seconds, liked the fact that the head could stick out, loved the portability of it, but the most important factor, is that the Relax Sauna felt so much better, and appeared to detoxify them more effectively than any other Sauna, plus the fact that the Relax Sauna did this in 1/3 or 1/2 the time.

They also liked the fact that the Relax Sauna could be used very effectively in a 5-10 minute session with their clothes on for pain and stress relief, relaxation and for vitality and rejuvenation.

Here are videos on our YouTube channel of former wooden sauna owners who have also purchased the Relax Sauna and love it.

Relax Far Infrared Saunas

Use ceramic semiconductor technology

These are the patented ceramic semiconductor chips that are exclusive to Relax® far infrared saunas and lamps. This chip is "tuned" to emit a certain frequency of far infrared in the 4.4 to 14.4 micron range. This is the perfect range of infrared for the body to absorb. Because of this technology, the Relax far infrared radiators generate both the highest and cleanest levels of far infrared compared to any other sauna.

Read more about the Relax Far Infrared Sauna's technology here.

What do other portable saunas use to generate infrared?

Carbon panels

The image shows the inside of a cheaper imitation sauna you can see the infrared emitting panels on the walls of the sauna. The "hot plates" use electrical wires and carbon panels to emit infrared. The problem with these are 3 fold.

1. They surround your body in EMF radiation.

2. They do not emit high levels of far infrared.

3. The frequency of infrared is not as pure as with the ceramic chips of the Relax Sauna. 

Beware of saunas posing as infrared saunas!

Cheap steam sauna

Claims to be a far infrared sauna in the title but the only infrared being generated is in little foot pads that are included. The heat is actually made with a water boiling pot that connects to the sauna.

Here are what people are saying who have used both the Relax Sauna and other infrared saunas

"The Relax Far Infrared Sauna that I purchased at the show is awesome."

"I have been looking for the best sauna for awhile now. It is the "real deal" and as far as I know this unit is the only one with medical device technology in the states.  I especially love the flexibility of the sauna. The most important feature is that this particular sauna has a patented semi-conductor chip (which is the differentiating factor) which allows the absorbable FIR energy - the good 4-14 microns at temps up to 140-170 degrees - good for the body and with no harmful near and medium infrared rays. Other far infrared devices do not have this semi-conductor chip and hence do not generate far infrared light at high temps."

"The amazing thing is that even though one sits in high temperatures, it is extremely comfortable.  It is uniquely compatible with our energy and easily absorbed by the human body.  You can actually feel its healing properties while sitting in the sauna.  I have learned so much since using this sauna. I plan on purchasing another unit soon for a second location I am opening." /  M.A. / Colorado

"The Relax Sauna  is the sauna I have been looking for.  I have been in it several times. I have a group of friends that are interested in the relaxed portable sauna.  One friend bought one on ebay.  It is nothing compared to this one."  D.R. / USA

Click here to read about the Relax Sauna compared to another infrared sauna

This goes over the patented far infrared emitting semiconductor chips that are exclusive to Relax Far Infrared Saunas

Inspiring video

Katie's comparison of Relax Sauna

Does the Relax Sauna emit EMF's

The Relax Sauna is a VERY LOW EMF Sauna.

There is less than .5 mg of EMF everywhere where your body sits in the Relax Sauna. Wooden saunas and inexpensive Chinese-made Saunas have panels all over, which generate EMF. The Relax Sauna generate most of the FIR Energy by bouncing off the Tent Walls (which have silver embedded in it, which hence acts as a mirror). and hence NO EMF is generated off the walls.) It is interesting to note that some of the healing magnets have more EMF than the Relax Sauna Radiators, and that a Wheat Grass Juicer, or a VitaMix will have 6 times the EMF of the Relax Sauna radiator. It is also worthy to note that the Relax Sauna generates about 99% pure Far Infrared Energy, and is therefore more effective in anti-doting EMF than a wooden sauna that generates only 50-60% FIR energy.

Buy the Relax Far Infrared Sauna, sit up or lie down models available

Why buy the Relax Far Infrared Sauna

The highest quality far infrared - you will feel the difference and get the fastest health benefits and detoxing.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Far Infrared - This in reality includes dozens of reasons to own a far infrared sauna. Scientists and doctors are finding many many health benefits of far infrared energy everyday.

Heats up fast - saves you time. You can get a full sweat in 20 minutes because it heats up in only 30 seconds. Many saunas take 10 minutes to heat up.

1 year warranty but many last 10+ years. The entire sauna is covered by a 1 year warranty but the build quality is so high that we have people who have been using their Relax sauna for 10 years. We offer low cost repairs and spare part replacements to ensure your investment in your health will last for years.

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