Relax Far Infrared Table Lamp
Relax Far Infrared Table Lamp

Relax Far Infrared Table Lamp

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Description of Relax Far Infrared Table Lamp

Note to international customers: This product is only available with 110v plug & can't be shipped internationally.

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This far infrared heat lamp allows you to bring the same far infrared technology to your desk! It uses the same patented type of far infrared generators as the Relax Sauna.

This is a compact version of the same far infrared emitting technology as the relax sauna in a small desktop lamp style configuration. You can use this far infrared table lamp to apply healing far infrared energy as you work right at your desk.

Improves circulation in the skin, reducing wrinkles and speeds healing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Donna Brown
Love it!

The lamp is so convenient to use! Feels great!

Florence Hustad
Relax Far Infrared Table Lamp

It seems to work okay.
I have the Relax Far Infrared Sauna and absolutely love it.
I haven’t used the lamp enough yet to really form any Real opinion.

Life Changing!

I had one of the “trendier” saunas and ended up throwing it in the dumpster after using the Relax Sauna! The Relax Sauna has been a game changer for not just me but my entire family! Plus the customer service was amazing - they answer the phone, return calls, and respond to emails so fast! Thank you guys!!

William Reinstein
Awesome purchase

We like the heat this infrared table heat lamp puts out, it's a real comfortable heat.
It can run for quite a long time, we haven't had it yet shut off on us when it is to get too hot, like it said it would. This is so nice and portable, you bring it with you on a trip, up camping, if you have a generator and so on...
We just wish it was a lot bigger, and they have them bigger, but they're a little more spendy.
Other that so far, this is a good little lamp.

Thank you!!!

I love it.

Looking forward to buying the sauna but this will do for now. It is helping with my sinuses and local pain when it arises.

Carey anne Brodhead
Absolute game changer

The Relax FIR table lamp has incredibly reduced pain and Inflamation in areas I never dreamed of getting relief. It small and adjusts easily for my needs in extremely pleased with it's ability to relax me as well as giving it's healing rays .

Julio Abreu
In Limbo on how to use my lamp

I have multiple afflictions that I am pretty sure the use of an FIR lamp may be of a huge benefit, however; the is no instruction manual on how to get the best of the device in order to help me. I am driving blind and need advice on when, how, length of exposure, etc. for multiple basic afflictions to the human body. Please HELP. Can you send me some guidance on how to get the best out of such a new device?

Carol Ellis
Table lamp

Very comforting on my sinuses and ears

Jan Allen
Far infrared table lamp.

I love how potable it is!
I recently brought it when I was out of town for a week.
I used it prior to bed to help me relax.
I caught a sinus infection, while I was there, I used it overy sinuses and chest ti help with the pain and coughing. This was very helpful and relaxing.
I was so thankful I packed it!
Love the far infrared table lamp.

Karen Stewart PT
Little package, big punch!

This little device puts out a LOT of heat! I thought I would use this for my PT patients for targeted heat, but I decided to augment my home NIR dry sauna set up with it, because I favor the red light therapy. I’m sold, I get the sweat much quicker with FIR, and it’s a far superior heat. My next step will be to upgrade to the full FIR sauna at some point. Well done!

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