EMF Levels of Common Household Items

The purpose of this page is to show a comparison of the levels of EMF produced by the most common household appliances and the Relax Sauna.

EMF Ratings of Relax Sauna

Attached are videos of those who are EMF specialists who go into homes to make the homes EMF safe, along with videos from those who are living with or are some of the foremost knowledgeable people about the dangers of WI-FI, Cell-phone, microwave, 5G  - EMF.   

I am told that The $169 and even the $2000 EMF measuring devices are not really indicative of the true danger of EMF, and their readings can be very misleading, and that there are $10,000 - $30,000 emf measuring devices which do more thorough investigations. However, I am not totally sure of the reliability of this information.

As you can see with the list of EMF levels on the 20-30 most popular home electrical appliances. None of them are safe, according to the WHO.  The Relax Sauna is the 3rd lowest or 7th lowest of the 21 most commonly used household appliances, depending on whether you are measuring from 1 inch or 12 inches.

It all goes down to experience. Nothing in the world beats experience. And that is where hands down, 90% of the time, the Relax Sauna gets a thumbs up when compared to any other sauna. The Latest Information link below compares the relax sauna to a number of other portable saunas, in terms of increasing core temperature and heart rate variability testing.

On our Superior page is the sharing of a woman who had been selling $5000 - $8000 wooden saunas in her pristine holistic health clinics for 10 years, who finally tries the relax sauna and discovers how much different it was and how much better it felt, and how much more effective it was than higher priced pristine wood infrared Saunas.

The Fear of EMF is 100 times More Dangerous than EMF Itself

Hundreds  (maybe 1000+) of doctors who specialize in helping people recover from damage caused by EMF recommend or use the Relax Sauna.

According to studies in Japan, Far infrared Energy antidotes the damage caused by EMF (microwave) exposure.

Do you know specifically what damage is caused by EMF to the Cell? If you look at this damage, and you read what Far Infrared does, you will find that Far infrared Energy repairs that kind of damage. A book about Far Infrared Saunas from Japan, which has not been translated into English, clearly states that Far infrared Energy ANTIDOTES the ill effects of EMF, as well as sunburn. We have surprised a number of individuals with sunburn pain of about a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the most pain, by totally getting rid of their sunburn pain in less than 8 minutes using the Relax Sauna. See videos on YouTube. Here is one of the videos:

Since the Relax Sauna has 9 times more Far infrared Energy between 4-14 microns than any other portable sauna, and 5 times more than any wooden sauna, you will see why The Relax Sauna has such a great following.  Because it has so much more "Penetrating and Resonating" Far Infrared Energy than any other sauna, we get better results. If you read the first review on the first video, one of the ways we can Demonstrate that the Relax Sauna has so much more far infrared than any other sauna is by observing that it can increase core temperature more than any other sauna. That is the crux of what the purpose of far infrared is all about. Dr. Sherry Rogers talks about the far infrared saunas, as compared to regular "Finnish Saunas, " and calls far infrared saunas the superior saunas, as they generate a frequency of energy (the loving light of the sun - Energy Medicine), that has a definite effect on the water cells and organic cells of the body, that Regular Finnish saunas do not have, as they ONLY heat up the "Room" or enclosed space.

If you want to know about the dangers of EMF, You used to be able to find 1 hour interviews of famous doctors (one who at the time was not promoting the Relax Sauna, but now has about 100 patients using the Relax Sauna, many of them getting great results from Lyme, mold toxicity and much more) talking about the dangers of EMF to the human body, especially when combined with Fluoride in the water, Glyphosates in the Food,   & chemicals and poisons found in chemtrails in the air.  (All 4 elements of life being poisoned - water, earth, air and fire (electrical energy).  These doctors - 3 or 4 of them - never ever talked about the danger of household appliances. They all talked about wi-fi (this was before 5G), and microwave energy. (cell phones are microwave devices). According to Peter Radatti, in the video below, a household electrical device is about 1/100 the danger of a cell phone.  (or WIFI in a building you are in)

Here is this video:

If you are concerned about the EMF in the Relax Sauna, as compared to other Saunas that are "touting" low EMF, here is a quote by Matt Justice who has tested dozens of different saunas, and more or less contradicts their claims, pointing out that because the Relax Sauna has only EMF by the feet.  In the Relax Sauna tent, above the knee, essentially we have pretty much no EMF (because we have no electricity above the ankles, as you can ascertain by the EMF Report in the attached information photo:

Matt Justice says, in Dec. 2020, "Bottom line: after testing all of the portable saunas, the Relax is a good option given the EMF is kept at the feet and VOC’s are minimal. Some folks may not agree with that, but all of the other portable saunas have the same hurdles with such a small cabin."

All Saunas have EMF, because they all have Electricity.  Again, as I have indicated, Household appliances can't even hope to cause the damage of Wi-Fi or a cell phone (microwave energy).  This indicates that most of the panic about the EMF in saunas, although it has some validity, is mainly about fear-mongering. If a person is really concerned about EMF, there are Home EMF Specialists that can go into your home, and can supply "EMF protectors" for your home, and for your Relax Sauna that mitigate any concerns of EMF that you may have.

Here is a website with a great deal of additional information about EMF

Including a number of testimonials from EMF Specialists who make homes safe, and who own Relax Saunas in their home. There are others who have not given me testimonials as well.

Far infrared energy penetrates very deeply into the human body, and resonates with the water cells of the body. Far infrared Energy is the loving energy of the sun that is also responsible for photosynthesis in plants.  It is also the energy that comes from the sun, goes through the sand, and resonates with the water cells in turtle eggs, creating heat and causing the embryos to grow into turtles. It is a powerful energy that the Relax Sauna was able to harness.  It took the Relax Sauna Company in Taiwan 10 years to discover a way to filter out other energies so that only 4-14 micron energy is emitted by their radiators.   This is almost a miracle and an incredible accomplishment. They were asked to create "hot springs energy" by a Japanese Company, that would feel like the healing energy that many experienced at the hot springs in southern Japan, where people would go to heal.  

We are very pleased to present to the Western Hemisphere a Sauna that not only causes relief from pain and inflammation, but one that excels in activating the parasympathetic nervous system, creating a profound sense of relaxation, as well as a feeling of joy, and perhaps euphoria as well.

Athletes use the Relax Sauna for greater performance and endurance, as well as for a remarkable short recovery after an intense workout or competition. Those with Lyme, or mold toxicity or other serious health conditions swear by the profound relief of symptoms they experience. Your average person experiences a tremendous reduction in stress and anxiety, and an increased feeling of mental clarity and revitalization.

Thank you for your interest in the Relax Sauna.

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