Relax Sauna User Tips

Thousands Love and Prefer the Relax Sauna Including Doctors, Retirees, Athletes

Option to leave backrest on chair down to get more heat on your back.

Three towels can be used in the sauna to catch most sweat. A large towel folded for under the feet. And another on the seat. And a third draped over the backrest if you choose to leave it up. Option to keep a hand towel nearby for face sweat.

Control unit can be laid on an end table or taped with duck tape to top edge. You will notice a half circle indentation in the blue holder that the pole inside fits in. Can be a bit challenging to fit it.

EMF tests very low. The foot pads on top of the generators are ideally for those short-legged whose feet would dangle. There is a bit of EMF if feet are put on top of the generators and this may be mitigated some by the infrared.

The best place to put the feet is in-between the two generators. Remove and wipe down the foot pads occasionally.

Always push the chair to the back, and pull the generators to the front.

Make sure the radiator's frame is pulled all the way apart enough so the side button clasp clicks

The Relax Sauna power cord is placed underneath the sauna tent zipper

Cleaning: Minimal. Generally, users will wipe the top occasionally with clean water (from face sweat). No chemical cleaners. (Hydrogen peroxide could be added to the water.) The tent can be heated unoccupied periodically for 10 to 15 minutes as infrared kills bacteria which is why users find the tent stays virtually odor free for years. Option to hose the tent (inside too) every 3 to 6 months. The three towels absorb most all sweat drops. Wearing cotton underwear also absorbs sweat and if multiple users. The two foot pads on top of the generators are removable for cleaning. Occasionally wipe down the metal bars connecting the two generators. Refer instruction booklet.

Many owners use the sauna daily, and some twice daily. Sweat starts about 8 minutes so visitors can use it up to 7 minutes with clothes as infrared goes through clothes. When having a party at home, it can be rewarding to see others get some relief from aches and pains in just 7 minutes. Before bed with PJ's on, one can use it for 7 minutes to relax and help sleep.

Keep the instruction booklet handy to review occasionally.

The more water you drink beforehand, the more you sweat and urine that brings out the environmental and other chemical toxins. 8 to 16 ounces before/after suggested.

Weigh yourself before first usage, and regularly to check on weight loss month to month. The sauna detoxes chemicals and breaks up large water molecule clusters to better hydrate the body. Skin and complexion improvement is common. Also, write down any wellness issues before using the first time, especially pains, arthritis, mental fog, sleep etc and check on month to month. One lady in her 70's says she got rid of 12 minor aches and pains in 6 weeks using it twice a day for 20 minutes.

Some owners use the time to meditate or to listen to a YouTube video. Hand slots can be open to cool or for reading but reduces infrared effects. One yellow switch can be turned off for cooler experience.

During winter, the sauna is a real blessing.

After a full sweat session, muscles will be very relaxed. One can continue to sit in the sauna and have a covered cup of water nearby to drink.

Important: If you get out early before the buzzer, turn the two yellow switches off, or let the time run out rather than turn the dial in reverse.

The sauna is portable, 18 pounds aside from chair, so it is fun to take it on trips to help family and friends with aches, pains, issues. It fits in a large suitcase for airlines. Borrow a chair.

The Black Sauna has heavier material. On a 20 minute session with the Silver Sauna, the Black Sauna may do a session in around 17 minutes.

Folding the tent up can be a challenge to get it into a small circle. The side with the Relax symbol always goes on top when laying it on the floor. The bottom is tucked in underneath. And then lifted up on its side and pushed down into figure 8. The velcro strap attached to other side.

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