Phil Wilson Interviews

Phil Wilson's appearance on Dr Talks July 2024

Purify, Cleanse, and Revitalize with Phil Wilson on Shivan Sarna's SIBO SOS Podcast

LA Life Conscious Expo 2024

Chronic Condition Rescue | Purify, Cleanse, and Revitalize with Phil Wilson

Relax Sauna Technology, Infrared Sauna Benefits, Hyperthermia: Phil Wilson & Ryan Sternagel

Green Smoothie Girl 2023

Dr. Bill Akpinar interview with Phil Wilson on the benefits of sweating

The Power of Sauna Therapy with Dani Williamson

The Morgan Report

Shivan Sarna - Chronic Condition Rescue

Extreme Health Radio 2016

Extreme Health 2013

Dr. Delgado Infrared Sauna Interview with Phil Wilson: detoxification at the cellular level

Mary Cornwell 2023

Mary Cornwell 2021

Live Q&A with Phil Wilson 2021

Matt Blackburn 2020

Phil Wilson Talks About Relax Sauna, Detox and Far Infrared Light Energy

FitFest 2021

Nathan Batalion 2009

Steve's Place - Tesla Tech

Xpnsion Network 2020

The Health & Spiritual Benefits of the Relaxed Far Infrared Sauna - New Realities 2017

Living Suns Foods 2009

Brian Malloy 2013

Nature of Reality Radio 2018

Massage Magazine 2010

Judy Jewett 2022

NDC Savings Club 2014

MassageNerd 2010

Karen Thomas - Naturally Recovering Autism 2017

Dr Nelson Bulmash 2021

Extreme Health 2018

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