Health Professional Testimonials

Dr. Don Chu

  • President of the California State of Physical Therapy
  • Implemented the Relax Sauna at Athercare Fitness and Rehab in Dublin, CA as a recovery modality for NFL players placed on concussion protocol
  • Author of "Jumping Into Polymetrics"

"Athercare incorporates the Relax Sauna into our rehab and training programs that we use with numerous athletes at all levels. In spite of age or condition the Relax Saunahas a major role in the muscular and mental recovery of our patients."

Dr. Adrian Pujyama

  • National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) certified strength and conditioning specialist
  • Physician and athletic trainer for Red Bull Sports
  • Medical Director at Family Chiropractic Center of South Pasadena (FCCSP)

"At FCCSP we implement the Relax Sauna as a modality for detox, inflammation control, and putting it as part of our protocol for patient treatment."

Dr. Bill Akpinar: M.D., B.S., D.D.S

  • Medical Director for the U.S. Karate Team
  • Completed a mentorship with the personal physician of the Dali Lama while in Tibet
  • Author of "No Sweat, Know Sweat! - The Definitive Guide to Reclaim Your Health"

"When you step out of the Relax Sauna, endorphins, dynorphins, and enkephalins are flowing... the circulation has been improved... the cardiac output has definitely improved... the Choroid Plexus come alive, and a lot more oxygenated blood goes towards this area of the brain. This result helps to produce a greater degree, and more quality degree of cerebrospinal fluid."

Dr. James Onnikian, Naturopathic Doctor

  • World Kickboxing Champion
  • Golden Gloves Boxing Champion
  • Director of Maui Hot Yoga and Kickboxing

"The Relax Sauna, in my opinion as a naturopathic physician, is the best on the market today because the generators still emit the same far infrared energy after 15 years. It is a must have in life today for muscle soreness, removing lactic acid, purging unknown poisons, and weight loss."

Video Testimonials

Donny Bigham
TSAC_NSCA Coach of the Year

Joe Hagerty
MLB Strength and Conditioning

Bikes 100 miles a week

Health Professional Model

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