Relax Far Infrared Table Lamp
Relax Far Infrared Table Lamp

Relax Far Infrared Table Lamp

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Description of Relax Far Infrared Table Lamp

Note to international customers: This product is only available with 110v plug & can't be shipped internationally.

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This far infrared heat lamp allows you to bring the same far infrared technology to your desk! It uses the same patented type of far infrared generators as the Relax Sauna.

This is a compact version of the same far infrared emitting technology as the relax sauna in a small desktop lamp style configuration. You can use this far infrared table lamp to apply healing far infrared energy as you work right at your desk.

Improves circulation in the skin, reducing wrinkles and speeds healing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Mr Lee

Returning customer, The lamp help me recover from knee injury. had the swelling go down in just a few days. Rehab is a lot faster. Walking now without my cane. Thank you

Returned and Waiting for a Refund

There are multiple warnings in the paperwork about how the device would heat up so don't get close but it never did. You could touch the device without any issues as it was cool to the touch. When I called they said that wasn't an issue. Really? I requested and got a return address label but have't heard a word from them since. Waiting for my refund.

Eran Dror

Relax Far Infrared Table Lamp

Awesome Lamp!

Awesome lamp! I like to set it on the floor and point it on my ankles. Works great for my wrists, elbows & shoulders too.

Robert Garzino
Too soon to tell

Have not had a chance to use it yet. Will be having surgery soon and will use it to try to speed up healing. Disappointed that no paperwork came with the lamp, no instructions, warranty info, etc.

Mark A.
Solid quality

My table lamp is solid and heavy and works well. I expect years of great use. Thanks.

Eran Dror

Very good

Kelly K

I've been using the table lamp while I watch TV at night. The main thing I was looking to help with the use of this lamp was the arthritic pain in both of my hands'' thumb joints. Once I give my hands about 30 minutes of heat I'll move the lamp to another body part that is having an issue. All up I probably use it for at least an hour every night if not more. The feel of the heat is great and very relaxing. My hands hardly ache at all anymore. That's not to say that the arthritic joint is pain free though it'll still give me a stabbing pain if I use it in the wrong way. I'm getting heat treatment to my lower body as well. I really like the ability to move the lamp around to different positions while I'm sitting. It makes it quite versatile and is perfect for the way I need to apply heat.'

David T

I'm quite grateful for reading about your product after a long period of looking into various therapy options and then deciding to purchase two units. I use it everyday and it provides amazing benefits to ease my recurring nerve pain from an untreated broken wrist bone that healed poorly. I was thrilled to use a grounding strap on that wrist (and still do nearly 24/7) but together they're far more synergistic and healing. Both drastically reduce inflammation'

Grace S

I love my Relax Sauna.Only had it up for a month and am expecting miracles to detox my body and it's working beautifully. I relax and sweat out impurities as I relax. It took me 4+ years to get the relax sauna - if your heart led you here - go for it. I plunged for this one because in this interview Phil said it's patented. It's worth it. Thank you each one!

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