Dr. Onnikian

  • Naturopathic Doctor

  • World Champion Kickboxer

  • Golden Glove Boxer

Dr. James Onnikian shares why he's been a Relax Sauna user for 15 years and why the Relax sauna is unique and technologically ahead of other saunas.

Relax Sauna Dual Far Infrared Radiators

Superior Technology

  • powered by two 700 watt FIR emitting generators

  • each generator has 20 patented ceramic semiconductors that filter out all non-beneficial light rays

  • circuits regulate the output so pure FIR emissions are constant while the temperature inside the sauna is maintained

  • same generator as in the SkyEye Lamp, a device that has received an FDA 510K (#K05337) classification of a Neurological and Physical Medicine Device