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A picture's worth a thousand words.

An experience in the Relax Sauna is worth a thousand pictures!

Why is Relax Sauna the superior sauna?

​"It was a god-send..." "It gave me my life back absolutely!"

Hello IAOMT participants!

We are so excited to be back at one of our favorite shows of all time! This is truly one of the most pure, honest and holistic conferences we are honored to be part of.

Our exhibiting friends and neighbors have the most cutting-edge, exciting products and we walk away from this conference having discovered and purchased at least a few of these life changing healing mechanisms.

If you have been a regular at IAOMT, you definitely know us!  Many of you already have a Relax Sauna and have given us great feedback on your amazing results. Many of you also have the Relax Sauna in your clinics and/or refer your patients to us.  It is so great to hear of doctors AND patients /associates benefiting from the healing energy of far infrared light.

We strive to educate the leading medical practitioners of our day about this wonderful and simple, holistic and natural therapy called far infrared ray. And affordable!

In short, far infrared rays are the sun's healing light rays that actually give oxygen to the planet! Without it, we would not be here. So, the Relax Sauna (way more than just a sauna, for this reason) jets out over 1400 watts of this pure healing light into your body at once. Your cells start moving around excitedly and shedding the dead, sick ones and strengthening and creating newer, healthier ones, while circulation increases, metabolism increases and the lymph system starts doing the draining!  Far infrared is known to be a powerful detoxifier of heavy metals, plastics, and other dangerous chemicals that are inevitably stuck inside our human bodies. 

They can't get out!  Except with Far Infrared Energy...

Please visit us this March 3rd - 5th, Thursday - Saturday at the Royal Sonesta in New Orleans, Louisiana, for some real sweating and detoxing!  We give free sessions throughout the duration of the conference and look forward to catching up with you.  If we haven't met you yet, please do come by and introduce yourselves and let us know the modalities used to help your patients, so we can learn from you too.  Feel free to bring a towel and bathing suit! Or just try 5 minutes in your business clothes, it works either way.

We will be offering a good show special (see discount code below) on our saunas and lamps and the opportunity to set yourself up as a reseller to your patients and associates.  Also, we will have our brand new demo's available for an additional discount at the end of the show, carry out only.

We really look forward to meeting you and seeing you again, many of you are our familiar associates and we always love seeing you!

In healing light,

All of us at Relax Sauna

"You are your own healer!"

"Heal comfortably at home!"

We are so thankful that we can catalyze people to do this with the safe, reliable and powerful infrared technology of the Relax Sauna.

We have had some amazing success with assisting people with pain and inflammation, increasing circulation and sweating out heavy metals!

Check out our impressive Testimonials and YouTube page!

Thank you for this opportunity to introduce ourselves
and to educate you on the amazing benefits of far infrared energy, sweating, healing light and the Relax Sauna, which combines all these things plus much, much more. We are happy that you grabbed a copy of our popular and colorful, informative e-book and had a chance to view it. Re-visit, forward and share another copy here...  we will also send you our most recent newsletter in a separate upcoming email.

The Relax Sauna is very unique and in a category of its own when it comes to the sheer power and brilliance of saunas and far infrared light. It took ten years and a few brilliant brains combined to create this award-winning breakthrough technology. (It actually even broke a law of physics!) Tesla would be impressed!

By cleverly using semiconductor chips, the inventors of the Relax Sauna
were able to produce the same energetic healing waves of far infrared light, and to narrow the frequency so that 98% of the energy was actually between 4-14 microns, which coincides with the frequency of water and human cells. This is the same light that comes from the sun, is responsible for photosynthesis, gives oxygen and is considered the most beneficial light of the sun's entire spectrum!

In fact, our human bodies actually contain and emit far infrared energy (water is 8 microns, human cells are 9.4 microns)! So we easily and lovingly absorb and radiate this life-giving light. It feels like home! It is oxygen in the form of light! Wow!

Can you imagine very close and cozy encounters with a whopping 1400 beaming watts of pure potent healing infrared light? You will feel the sweet breeze of far infrared energy pulsing through your whole body, cleaning your cells and invigorating your tissues. You will feel an instant warmth and calmness that will help you sleep peacefully and deep. You will feel refreshed, detoxed, relaxed, rejuvenated, clean and energetic. Because far infrared light helps heart and blood vessel health, blood circulation and also lymphatic activation, sitting in this little gem is like a healthy, refreshing work out, including beneficial cardio stimulation, circulation and lymphatic activation and a sweet, deep, detoxing sweat!

Just 15 minutes is equivalent to a 5 mile light jog and/or a good quality exercising work out.
Great for the muscles, joints, and every cell in the body. Energy is produced by creating new and healthier cells and dumping all metabolic and cellular wastes safely out of the body. Becoming a cleaner, healthier human, you will feel great!

Please peruse our page here... that we have set up especially for you to gain more knowledge and understanding, viewing our stellar reviews and to order your sauna at a special discount. Kick your health up a notch with the amazing Relax Far Infrared Sauna!

We can work out an affordable payment plan with you, if needed.

Use Code IAOMT22 $150 off

By the way, The Relax Sauna is great for combating colds, flus and viruses!

The Relax Sauna is known as the superior sauna because of its ability to produce a deep and penetrating sweat in just a few minutes. It is powerful! It warms instantly and works in your body immediately and can be easily transported from home to home, office to home or from any location to any location. It is convenient, simple, affordable, and totally safe and holistic! Perfect for you!

We are here to help you understand this amazing technology and natural therapy. Relax Sauna users claim a lot of success with pain and inflammation, increasing circulation and getting rid of heavy metals through sweat. We have received reports of relief with as little as 15 minutes a day!

Please give us a call and/or send us an email anytime at:

Bobby Wood - 303-570-0840 -

Phil Wilson - 626-200-8454 -

The most effective sauna for detox

Testimonials montage

The Relax Sauna has been shown to be one of the most effective infrared saunas on the market. It has medical grade craftsmanship and is used by hundreds of doctors and practitioners world wide.

65 years of research show how its specific frequency band (far-infrared) light
resonates with and vibrates our water cells, increasing micro-circulation and core temperature, activating the immune system and the metabolic functioning of our bodies, hence detoxifying and purifying body and mind, reducing pain, inflammation, helping Lyme, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, diabetes, arthritis and more. Once they get in and then the neuropathy getting much lighter.

Relax Sauna

A personal use sauna with a far infrared (FIR) heat source

Relax Saunas deliver a safe, total body sauna experience.

They are portable, affordable and more hygienic than a traditional sauna because they're designed to be used by one person. You can use Relax Saunas in your infectious disease clinical practice. Relax Saunas are cost effective and provide positive therapeutic outcomes for a variety of conditions.

Benefits of regular far infrared sauna use include

• Increased Microcirculation
• Improved Vascular Function
• Lower Blood Pressure
• Diverse, Resilient, Stable Microbiome
• an Increase in Nitric Oxide
• ​Activated Mitochondria
• Improved Metabolism
• Heavy Metals Detoxification
• Strengthened Immune System

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