Relax Far Infrared Lie Down Sauna
Relax Far Infrared Lie Down Sauna
Relax Far Infrared Lie Down Sauna

Relax Far Infrared Lie Down Sauna

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Description of Relax Far Infrared Lie Down Sauna
Get the same benefits of far infrared energy while lying down.


This is the lie down version of the Relax Sauna. This far infrared sauna uses the same patented far infrared emitting radiators as the Relax sit up sauna.

The FIR energy is distributed evenly throughout the sauna so your entire body benefits from the FIR heat.

Measurements: 65x26x19(h)in

Because of the width of the Sauna

You can turn over and lie on your side

This is NOT like a tanning bed.

The reflecting mat performs a miracle, so you are actually getting both and all sides at once.

The energy of the 1000 watt radiator will NEVER burn the skin.

The FIR heat will open the pores in the skin, and help to sweat out waste from the body.

Taking a Sauna is very relaxing, improves blood circulation, and detoxifies the body.

Many Massage Therapists and beauticians are currently making available sauna treatments for their customers.

It is designed not to touch a person's skin, which provides a clean detoxification environment.

The Sauna is easy to maintain and will not absorb any odors.

5 Star Relax Lie Down Sauna Review

Shauna Gleason

I am 36 years old with a pretty active plate.

14 months ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis, an auto immune disease, as many commonly suffer debilitating changes in their lifestyle, I was mortified to receive this diagnosis. I said no this can’t be right? This wasn’t supposed to be my beautiful life, which had just seemed to start in the sunshine state. The rheumatologist only gave solace for a course of treatment. Treatment that would eventually cause hair loss, possible pregnancy complications, as well as monitored kidney and liver functions. I was petrified and we knew there had to be another way. I have suffered from severe chronic inflammation throughout my entire body. This disease attacked my joints including my fingers, knuckles, wrists, shoulders, knees,toes,and ankles very rapidly by the day it was getting worse.

I had done the research and made a promise to myself that I wanted to heal without the use of medication and steroids. I found a wonderful functional medicine referral and for one years time I have done just that adjusting my daily lifestyle around diet, vitamins + supplements, consistent exercise, and proper ways to detox toxins and heavy metals. I have been able to lower my rheumatoid factor from 92 to 43. It wasn’t until I started taking my detox routine to the extreme that I received the relief and the result I set out to achieve. Many sleepless nights and days of pain, my doctor had recommended dry sauna many times before. I thought I’ll just go sweat in
the sun. It was not the same.

However when you have brain fog and fatigue and depleted energy levels going to the gym to use a public sauna is the last thing on your to do list, if you even make it out of the house. Once I started incorporating FAR infrared sauna I began to finally shed the inflammation and toxins out of my body. I have lost 50 lbs of weight/inflammation. I used to have mornings where my fingers were clamped to wrists and couldn’t get out of bed. The pain was unbearable but with the right access, resources, and a positive mindset you can regenerate. I do not have mornings like that any longer. I have gained the quality of my life back.

Having the convenience of my lie down sauna has been incredibly helpful. It has also been quite difficult lifting heavy objects so I appreciate the ease and comfort this product offers. It’s lightweight (the size of a duffel bag, once you put it away). It reminded me of an accordion the first time I closed it. There’s a handy grip for lifting. I have tried other saunas on the market as well as booked Finnish and other infrared sessions. A lot of wasted investments and NOTHING has compared to the results I have achieved with the FAR infrared technology. Staying toxin and chemical free is highly valuable and crucial to my routine. The EMF transmitter stays near your feet and free from your head and body. Put on your favorite tones, dim the lights, and breathe. My head was free to relax on the pillow. I did not have to worry about vertigo or feeling dizzy in an enclosed space.

I was a bit apprehensive to try it, but I was referred by a credible source that had many positive reviews from his clients. So I knew I had to make it apart of my current investments for my health. Spend thousands of dollars on RX? Or Research and learn the proper ways for detoxing pathways. I am so glad I chose the latter. Now morning and/or night I climb in for 15-20 minutes and get the best sweat you can buy.

​Since I have been using the Relax lie down Sauna I have more mobility to my joints. I am still in target weight, and have detoxed 95%-98% of my heavy metals out of my body (specifically reversed my mercury poisoning levels), allowing a positive future for continued results in reversing my RA symptoms. Within the first three sessions I noticed changes and so have my friends, family, and network.

It has been about three weeks now and I am extremely pleased to own this sauna and try other FAR technology products.

I don’t need anyone’s assistance/help to prep and if I want to transport it with me I can! Best of all it doesn’t leave you feeling even more sick. It’s the Red- Hot ♨️healing for me!

Everyone needs this little piece of paradise. Thank you so much Relax Saunas! I’m a believer.

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