Pro Sports Advocate

Coach Joe Kenn

  • 2015 NFL: Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year, Carolina Panthers
  • Founder of Big House of Power
  • National Speaker: Hammer Strength Clinics

"The Relax Sauna has been essential for improving my muscle recovery times after workouts. I highly recommend the Relax Sauna for home gyms, training facilities, and for the traveling athletes."

NHSCA Relax Sauna Pricing

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Relax Far Infrared Saunas

Health Professional Model

  • Upgraded + Ultra Durable Antimicrobial Silver, Cotton, and Nylon Sauna Tent for Improved Far Infrared Insulation
  • Rapid Full Body Metabolic Detox in 15 to 20 Minutes
  • Time Efficient for Professional Gyms Allowing for Multiple Athletes per hour
  • Medical Far Infrared (FIR) Semiconductor Technology
  • Far Infrared (FIR) Radiators Calibrated at Optimal Wavelengths for Detoxing Heavy Metals

Relax Far Infrared Saunas

Classic Home Model

  • Flagship Product for 20+ Years
  • Antimicrobial Silver, Cotton, and Nylon Sauna Tent
  • 25 to 30 Minute Full Body Metabolic Detox
  • Great for Homes, Apartments, and Travel
  • Medical Far Infrared (FIR) Semiconductor Technolgy
  • Same FIR Radiators as PRO Model

Exclusive Pricing

$100 off sauna orders

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Collin Crane - University of Georgia Athletic Performance Director

Relax Sauna

Elite Advocates

Relax Sauna

Professional Baseball Protocols

Pre Game + Pre Workout

  • Light Perspiration
  • 10-15 Minute Sessions
  • Wear Comfortable Gym Apparel
  • Rapidly Increases Oxygen Levels in Muscle Tissue
  • Ideal Before Deep Stretching and Power Lifting
  • Enhances Flexibility in Muscles and Connective Tissues
  • Exceptional Before Deep Stretching and Power Lifting
  • Excellent for Batting Practice, Pitcher Warm Up, Physical Therapy

Post Game + Post Workout

  • Heavy Perspiration
  • 20 - 30 Minute Sessions
  • Place Towel on Chair and Wrap Body in Towel
  • Rapidly Decreases Muscle Inflammation
  • Detoxes Metabolic Waste
  • Utilize Relax Sauna After Ice Baths to Increase Core Temp and Improve Circulation
  • Relax Sauna Sessions 3 to 4 Times Per Week Will Improve Sleep Cycles

Relax Sauna Use Tips

  • Hydration + Electrolytes Pre and Post Sauna Sessions
  • After Sauna Sessions Wipe Down with Filtered Water on a Wash Cloth or Paper Towel, no chemicals
  • Zip Up Sauna, Turn Timer to 5 Minutes and Power on to Run Auto Sanitization Cycle

Frank Stea - Top Rank Boxing Director

Travis Ortmayer - World Strongman and Atlas Stone Record Holder

Major Donny Bigham, 27 Years in The Marines Corps & US Army

Nagarnu Ahpene - Australia's Strongest Man Under 90 kg

Zach Adams - UGA baseball trainer

MLB Strength Coach Relax Sauna Protocol

Competitive power lifter experiences exceptional recovery with 30 minute Relax Sauna session

Endurance cyclist rapidly alleviates leg pain in the Relax Sauna

Fire Chief Walt Cross

US Army Veteran - Gordon Rasbury

Setup and travel pack up videos

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