Fibromyalgia and Far Infrared Heat Therapy

Fibromyalgia is an enigma, but the symptoms can be addressed

Fibromyalgia syndrome (FS) has always been an enigma to me. The symptoms vary so greatly. The cause is unknown. Symptoms include "otherwise unexplained chronic widespread pain, a lowered pain threshold, high tender point counts, sleep disturbances, fatigue, headache, irritable bowel syndrome, morning stiffness, paraesthesias in the extremities, often psychological distress and depressed mood[1]." 

To me it has always seemed to be a blanket term for undiagnosed underlying condition(s) rather than a unique condition. While the definition of what fibromyalgia is can be ambiguous, the symptoms can be addressed. 
Far infrared saunas have been proven to help with many of the symptoms and many users can attest to their effectiveness. 

​Symptoms of Fibromyalgia and ways that far infrared helps them:

​Many people with fibromyalgia report a persistent dull pain that lasts for more than 3 months - Far infrared is a great way for both fast and long lasting pain relief without the side effects of drugs. A study showed that patients with arthritis found both short term pain relief and a trend toward long-term improvement [2]. Another study found "All patients experienced a significant reduction in pain by about half after the first session of Waon therapy(Heat therapy) (11-70%), and the effect of Waon therapy became stable (20-78%) after 10 treatments [4]."

Sleep problems
Many Relax Sauna users have reported improved sleep after using far infrared saunas. For example we had a woman at the ILADS Lyme disease show tell us:

“I was in for about 12 minutes. I slept so well last night. I had eight hours without waking up for the first time in years, It was about 10 years. It was wonderful. It just feels so good. I did decide to get one. 
I had some pain and the pain is much less and I just have an overall sense of well-being. I really appreciate this. It's wonderful.”
Cognitive difficulty
This form of brain-fog, referred as "fibro-fog", this includes difficulties in focusing and paying attention. Saunas are a good way of detoxing and improving circulation, which can help in preventing brain fog.
I have also found that taking vitamin C can help with brain fog. 

People with fribromyalgia often feel tired and weak, sleep for longer periods and wakes up with pain - far infrared stimulates the mitochondria to increase energy production which can help with fatigue. Many athletes use the Relax sauna to prevent fatigue. A study found improvement in percieved fatique after sauna therapy, as well as significant improvement in depression and anxiety [3].


Video testimonies about fibromyalgia and far Infrared/sauna therapy

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