Testimony Comparing the Relax Sauna to a Different Infrared Sauna

The Relax Sauna

Testimony Received from a Relax Sauna Customer - April 2014

"Most people are not going to order two saunas at once just to compare them due to cost, time, difficulty, return shipping expense etc. But I decided to do it at the time because I was truly desperate to detox and didn’t have a lot of money to spend on wooden or a non-portable sauna. I also wanted the most “bang for the buck” so to speak. This is why I’m passing this information on to you so that you can avoid all of the trouble and expense ($100.00 return shipping) that I went through having the same doubts and questions in my mind then as you do now. 

I had already ordered (other infrared sauna) and was looking around online when I came across this unpretentious little unit called Relax Sauna. I think it must have been on YouTube. 

For me anyway, I say the “Relax” is unpretentious because it may look like all the rest on the outside but wow what a little dynamo it is on the inside! Once I found this website under RelaxSaunas.com there was tons of good information about a sauna that not only has nothing to hide but everything to show because it is a product of substance and Momentum98 Health Store founder and owner, Phil Wilson believe so much in their products.

Back to my comparison of (other infrared sauna) ​vs the Relax Sauna. There WAS no comparison when it came to heat output because after preheating 20 minutes and sitting there for about an hour, I never even came close to breaking a sweat! 

I have never had such an easy decision to make when comparing two products as I did with these. The difference between the Relax Sauna and other portable saunas is the Relax Double Radiator Powered by 40 semi-conductor chips It’s what’s inside that counts. Other saunas may look similar on the outside, but they do not have the patented technology that the Relax Sauna has, emitting 95-99% Pure Clean Far Infrared Healing Light. That’s why you can feel the difference! I know that the Relax Sauna costs almost twice as much but it’s worth more than that because it just WORKS. 

I know most people have probably read a lot of testimonials and gotten a little “jaded” on people exaggerating the pros and cons of certain products, but my rambling and ranting is no exaggeration. If you have the courage after all of this just buy two different ones for yourself and learn the hard way like I did. Just make sure one of them is the “Relax Sauna.” 

Also, a thousand dollars is a lot less pricey than two thousand dollars and up for anything else out there that may look nicer but doesn’t perform any better. This thing is compact, portable, well made, low EMF and so simplistically nice in design and execution. I am really impressed with this little sauna. 

For me, all I can say is a resounding YES THANKS!!!! to Phil Wilson and Relax Sauna for all that you do. Your product is a hands down unequivocal slam dunk over anything out there except MAYBE those very expensive, non-portable, very possibly high EMF, slow and expensive to heat up and operate larger saunas on the market. 

Good luck with whatever you do - but with Relax Sauna there’s no luck involved, it’s all a sure thing and the best buy for the money & the best support for the customer. I spent a lot of time researching before deciding and I can tell you the most important feature to look for in any sauna is the method and technology used to produce the heat. The Relax Sauna team is proud to tell about their technology and the rest try to hide what they’re doing altogether or mislead you on what their product really does and how it does it. 

Because of the patented Relax Sauna semi-conductor technology the far infrared light that is emitted is 95 to 100 % whereas in all the others using carbon fiber, ceramic or both from what I learned it is at best anywhere from 25 to maybe 40-60%. 

I will finally sign off but take it from someone who actually tried the best of the competition in portable tent saunas, I say that the beautiful little ( it is really no smaller than the rest but much more portable especially for what it does) “Rocky Relax” beats the heck out of all contenders, larger saunas included. One more thing, did I mention that the sauna chair is of much better quality than the little “camp” chair that comes with other saunas? There’s really no comparison in anything but the “looks” so if you’re seriously in the market for a great heat blasting sauna just buy it because you cannot go wrong." ——— From the heart, R.S. Colorado

Link to the PDF file on the RS site. 

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