Qigong Practitioner Uses Infrared Sauna to Maximize the Benefits of his Clients: Part 2


Phillip – Hello, Tashi. Can you tell us your name? And then, tell us what kind of work you do and then we want to talk about how the Relax Sauna, the Relax Far Infrared Sauna, works with hyperbaric oxygen chambers where they embrace with, well… one plus one is more than two. OK? So, you're in the Relax Sauna now. You've had one how long? And then start talking.

Tashi – Alright. Hello. My name is Tashi Lam. I'm a Qigong practitioner. And, I have my own body and energy practice in Gilbert, Arizona at wujiwellness.com if you want to find me. We specialize in integrating lymphatic, cranial and circulation of the inner Chi also. You're talking about energetics. You're talking about meridians. We do rectal therapies and multiple reflexologies. And we're also talking about moving the spinal fluid of the cranial sacral. So, integration of the holistic is what we really, really, really strive for and we educate people on, and how to integrate Tai chi, Qigong into their practice, into their daily maintenance as well as prevention. Right. So, that's what we specialize in.

Phillip – When did you start using the Relax Sauna? And how has it affected your practice?

Tashi - Relax Sauna, we’ve been using it since what, 2009 or so, 7, 8, or 9? And we’ve been using it very successfully in our practice to help our clients relax the nervous system, loosen their muscles, joints and increase the microcirculation. So, that way, when we work on them whether rectal therapy or massage, lymphatic, the body is ready. Right? So, as a chef, your job is to prep the food which makes it easier when you are ready to cook. So, we see the holistic aspect of it, how important it is to make your job easier, as well as to help your clients reach a mental and physical state to receive the deeper healing and the deeper therapy that's possible with what we do.

Phillip - And so, we are, actually, at a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Conference. And you live in the area so I asked you to come help educate people about the benefits of the Relax Sauna. And I thought, since you know about the energy healing and you can see the effect, you could, you know, explain why the Relax Sauna works so well with hyperbaric oxygen, either before or after, to make each of them more effective.

Tashi - Yes, because of our understanding and, too, my wife is a massage therapist, a licensed massage therapist, and we really specialize in seeing the holistic of how things connect. And one of the most frequently asked questions at this conference is, “How can I use this in my practice of hyperbaric oxygen therapy?” And they know that microcirculation is important. And they definitely know how important oxygen is. And I always tell people, “Yes, oxygen is very critical, because you can have the best food for the body. You can have the best gas for your car but if you have no oxygen it doesn't work.” And that's just the truth. Nobody can argue against that primary number. Right? So, they asked us this weekend, “How can you integrate this Relax Sauna into their practice?” I say, well, it's more powerful. If they have a blockage, the oxygen can't get where it needs to go. So, what the Relax Sauna does, it opens up the microcirculation, increases the flow, increases the Chi, increases the oxygen flow within the lymph. When that happens and then they do 5 or 10 minutes of this, based on whatever their therapist or their doctor prescribed, then when they go into an oxygen chamber, they can take a deeper breath, their body is more relaxed. And their heart is definitely more open. And when all of that is open and circulation is flowing completely, the oxygen can do what it needs to do more in-depth, more precise, more to where it needs to go and to make the most benefits. Because if their mind still wanders, if they still have anxiety, worries, when they still have circulation issues, all that oxygen can break the traffic jam, as I call it.

Phillip - Yeah.

Tashi - Yeah. So, this one really, really does well. I call it the bookend. You come in for the oxygen hyperbaric chamber and you want to open up the circulation, open up the freeway, open up the flow of the traffic, then you give them the oxygen, which will increase it tremendously. Right? And you can take fully, the whole benefit in the chamber. The reason why you are in the chamber is, you take in more oxygen. But, if there is blockage, the mind is not fully present, all the oxygen is so busy repairing and being diluted and being not fully integrating, not fully benefiting the person because the person's mind is not there, so, that's what this chamber does. And then, afterward, after they finish the hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy, they can come in here (the sauna) and continue the flow. And this creates the heat with the oxygen so that it can even repair deeper with the far infrared sauna. That's how it integrates perfectly. So, I close the bookend. Right? I call it the sonic sandwich. Right?

Phillip - That sounds good. Yes. Yes. Yeah.

Tashi – The far infrared sandwich and the meat is the oxygen. But, the bread's very important! That's why it's called a sandwich.

Phillip - I see. I have my own interpretation. People will think is a little corny, but I tell them about the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. You know, they have clinics and I say, “You're promoting Batman and the Relax Sauna is like Robin. And, together, this dynamic duo can do better than Batman alone. So, like, utilize Robin. He's there.”

Tashi – Yeah. Yeah, assistance is very critical, preparation is very critical. And that's why a chef always has an assistant.

Phillip – Right, like a prep cook.

Tashi – A team is more holistic, more supportive and helps everybody to do their part better. So, that way, the client benefits more.

Phillip - Now your company is called Wuji Wellness.

Tashi – Yes.

Phillip - And you are in Gilbert, Arizona.

Tashi – Yes. Wuji means One. Wuji, before we become Yin Yang, there’s Wuji. So, in the Chinese principle, and this is how I'm able to understand how this can be integrated in a beneficial way to the hyperbaric oxygen therapy, because of understanding the bowel, understanding Wuji, understanding the Yin Yang. Because the bowel is the source, the source of all universal, the source of love, the source of the God energy, the source of the I. Some people call it Other, prana, and things of this sort. And that Tau becomes the Wuji. Wuji is the one energy, which I can, also, help people understand. And say “Hey, It's like stem cells. The stem cells can be anything. And the stem cells are intermediate between being something identical like liver, kidneys or whatever the body needs. But, the stem cells are still raw material. Because if you try to get to the bowel, the energies are not able to be utilized yet.”

Phillip – Yeah.

Tashi - So, the one energy that stem cells need to be formed first, then the body can be able to use that Wuji. But within the Yin Yang, that is the circle. What people don't recognize is the circle is Wuji. They only recognize the division, the separation. And the importance of harmony, once you become One, the harmony is already there.

Phillip – Nice. Yeah. I’m very much into the idea of Tao. There's something about the Tao I know. When the harmony is lost, then there are friends. And when the system has gone into chaos, then there are doctors. So, it's really all one.

Tashi – Yeah. But remember, when there are too many chefs in the kitchen…

Phillip - Yeah. Exactly. Nothing gets done right

Tashi – We called it Chinese Fire Drill when I was growing up.

Phillip - You called it what?

Tashi - Chinese Fire Drill.

Phillip – Right. Right.

Tashi - Everybody's speaking all at once and nobody's listening. And that's why you don’t have harmony.

Phillip – Yes.

Tashi - Yes. That's why Batman and Robin are such a great team because they work together. And you want that holisticness.

Phillip – Yes. Tell us the name of your company and your website.

Tashi – It is Wuji Wellness and it is http://wujiwellness.com/

Phillip - And all of the information about what you guys do at your clinic is on your website.

Tashi – On the website, we're mostly moving on from doing it for people, to educating them, to empower them to do it themselves.

Phillip – Of course. That's beautiful.

Tashi - We do meditation. We do Qigong. We do a lot of prevention, as well as maintenance. Because this body is an engine, man. It needs an oil change. It needs a lot of flushing. And then, you know, it also needs to be maintained and taken care of. You know, it needs to be warmed up before you do something heavy, too.

Phillip - Right. Dr. Bill Apkinar out of New York City. He’s got a book he wrote all about the history of sweating called No sweat Know Sweat. When you know sweat is your teacher and healer then life is ‘no sweat’. And he's a Qigong Master as well as an Oriental Medical doctor and a United States medical doctor and a holistic dentist. And he promotes the Relax Sauna, saying it's the only sauna, or that seems to create heat shock proteins more than any other. And you've compared the Relax Sauna to other saunas as well.

Tashi – So, the nice thing about the Relax Sauna is how quickly it warms up. When you turn it on, you don't have to wait 5, 10 minutes for anything. You feel the wave right away because it's not about the heat.

Phillip – Right. It's not the heat. What is it?

Tashi – It's not about the heat. It's about the invisible wave of the far-infrared wave. Heat helps. Don't get me wrong. But it's still about the far-infrared wave to help increase circulation. And if you really go to the root of the primary source of the healing, it’s always about circulation, circulation of the body, circulation of the mind. And together, you're able to circulate the spirit.

Phillip - Nice, so there's movement inside all your body.

Tashi - Everything and that's what makes us happy. You think about somebody such as the teenagers with the technology we have and how we sit too much. What does it do? It stops their circulation. And if you don't come out and get some natural sunlight and do earthing, what does it do? It stops the circulation because it’s not connecting you to heaven and earth. And if you don't have heaven and earth energy, there's something missing in your life. The connection to the divine source around us is missing. And when that connection is disconnected, you don't feel right.

Phillip – So, in conclusion, they can find out more about the Relax Saunas at RelaxSaunas.com

Tashi - See how you can integrate this into whatever it is you do. If you do hyperbaric oxygen therapy, investigate deeper. How to feel, this can help you with this. And it can help you enhance whatever it is you're doing for your client. So, in turn, you will enhance their therapy, their healing, in short, with such unconditional love, that it feels like… And that's what this heat's like. It feels like a mother's embrace and it's so beautiful in here.

Phillip – And, if a 14-year-old asks you, “Tashi, what's the secret of life?” What would you say?

Tashi – I would say circulation. Circulation. Don't just think about yourself. Think of others. But, at the same time, you have to think about yourself. Because if you don't love yourself, how can you think about anybody else? How can you love anybody else as completely when you don't love yourself first? It's like a flight attendant says, “Hey, put the mask on first, before you put the mask on somebody else.”

Phillip - That's one of my favorite statements.

Tashi - Oh, totally. And you should think about it every day. Say certain things like that because we forget. We are so busy. Or we watch too much TV or too much Netflix and chill. Netflix to chill doesn't really help you chill, by the way. It takes away your time and it takes away your circulation if you chill, overchill.

Phillip – Yes.

Tashi - Right. And the word chill, itself, is what? It gives you a sense of cold. And cold is what? Ice. Does ice circulate? No, it doesn't.

Phillip – Good.

Tashi – Right. So. It always comes down to circulation.

Phillip - And if a 40-year-old woman asks you. “Tashi, what's the secret of life?” What would you tell her?

Tashi - Same thing, circulation. Do a little Jumping Jack. Do a little bit of walking every day.

Phillip - Get in the Relax Sauna.

Tashi - Of course. The sauna just increases circulation so you can walk better, as well as prevent lactic acid. Or, if you fell or have some issues, just come in here. It will help open it up so the fresh material can go where it needs to go. It will clear the traffic so the raw material can help you repair your body, repair your mind, repair your soul.

Phillip - Thank you, Tashi. RelaxSaunas.com http://wujiwellness.com/ And whoever is listening to this, thank you. And we hope what we've said here has been, you know…

Tashi – Yeah. I hope we trigger something. I hope you investigate, you know.

Phillip - Great.

Tashi - Open your heart to the possibility and really, really completely. If you feel it could be better, see if this is one of the tools that could make it better for you, enhances and makes a more complete holistic practice for you that maybe you weren't thinking about.

Phillip - Thank you, Tashi. Thank you very much.

Tashi - Thank you. Good luck to everybody. And we are here to help each other.

Phillip – Great.

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